The Weekly Ying and Yang

Welcome to the weekly roundup of good and bad (more bad than good). There are some really hot topics that deserve coverage even though they may not require full posts. Here we go:

Rick Perry’s new anti-gay ad

If you haven’t yet seen Rick Perry’s latest ad, I’m here to tell you it’s a corker. (And, by the way, he’s not ashamed to say he’s a Christian. Like we give a rat’s ass with the country in the state it’s in.) The ad is called ‘Strong.’ The premise of Mr. Stupid’s ad is that there’s something wrong with America when gays can serve openly in the military (an obvious shot at the repeal of DA/DT) but our children can’t pray in school. Really? I’m trying to figure out the link there. Apparently Rick can see the symmetry, but that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has been following his campaign. Every time he opens his word hole it’s a new adventure. He closes the ad by promising to end Barack Obama’s war on religion and to restore America to its Christian roots. (I must have missed that part of history.)

Of course, the ad went viral on YouTube. As of this writing (1:24 p.m. on Saturday, December 10), it has been viewed more than three million times. It has about 16,500 “likes” and over half a million “dislikes.” What does that tell you? Here’s my take: It tells you that in a country with a myriad of problems, like people losing their homes and their jobs, an obstructionist GOP congress and a Democratic president not only hampered by the obstructionists but also unable to summon the backbone to stand up to the GOP on many fronts, a police state trying to shut down a movement exercising its rights under the Constitution, and in a country where Wall Street is still running rampant, Rick Perry’s Christianity is just a big whoop. School prayer isn’t an issue on most people’s radar screens. It also tells you that his extreme homophobic position rubs the general public the wrong way. Sure, there are other right-wing Christian nutcakes out there that eat up his message, like in Iowa where the ad is now running. How many people does that amount to?

He wouldn’t know what the “issues” facing this country are if someone wrote them down and handed him a sheet of paper. This clown is so out of touch with reality that he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting himself elected. Thank Sweet Jesus (Oops. Was that a Christian reference?)

Oh, yeah, just an aside: More than one site has noted that Rick Perry’s jacket in his new ‘Strong’ video is eerily reminiscent of the jacket worn by Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.”

Sarah Palin found guilty of major ethics violations

I’m a happy camper anytime Sarah Palin is exposed for what she truly is, an entitled, arrogant, self-absorbed, lying, extremist fuckwit. Just about a year after she quit as Governor of Alaska, Palin has been found guilty of yet another breach of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act for using her Alaska Fund Trust as a private legal defense fund.

If you actually go and read the Alaska Fund Trust material (link above), you’ll be able to read the ‘woe is Sarah’ meanderings of one Kirstan Cole, a longtime pal of Sarah’s. Not only does Palin have to return $386,000 in donations, but Cole must step down from her post as Trustee of the fund. Timothy Petumenos, the independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board, also ruled that all donors to the fund (regardless of whether their donations happened before or after Palin’s resignation), must be publicly disclosed.

Sarah Palin is an egotistical and ambitions politician, not a public servant who has used threats and intimidation to get what she wants. The results of the investigation prove this.

Slap. We horrible, left-wing liberals love bitch slapping Sarah. Ouch.

Bernie Sanders introduces Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that the disastrous Supreme Court Citizens United ruling establishing “corporate personhood” is an affront to the U.S. Constitution and has compromised our democracy. There are people on both sides of the aisle who think this ruling is an abomination. In a nutshell, the ruling allows corporations to buy elections. They can spend money without restriction and without transparency.

The Constitution is our guiding light. It’s a document that should not be amended lightly. However, if there was ever any good reason to amend it, the Citizens United ruling is it. On December 8, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced The Saving American Democracy Act in the senate in order to overturn the Citizens United Ruling. His introduction of the amendment was eloquent and, as usual, right on target.

If there’s one ruling that should not be allowed to stand, it’s Citizens United. I encourage everyone to go to sign the petition on Senator Sanders’ site. I also encourage you to pass it along. This isn’t just about Vermont. This is a nationwide effort and Sanders needs our support. The link is provided below:

Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging at Karl Rove

Elizabeth Warren has opened up a 49-42% lead over Scott Brown in the race for the Massachusetts senate seat, so it’s no surprise that Karl Rove and his Crossroads GPS PAC is attempting to smear Warren as the one responsible for protecting the big Wall Street bonuses. To anyone who knows about Warren, this is the furthest thing from the truth but, then again, Karl Rove isn’t concerned with telling the truth. If his mouth is open and moving, he’s lying. We know that from his days as a Bush operative.

Warren isn’t about to be intimidated by Karl Rove. Calling Rove’s accusations ‘factually and morally wrong,’ she gave an eloquent rebuff on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.  See it here:’donnell/45607695#45607695

Until the next time, have a great weekend!





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  1. Someone needs throw a net over “Rove-er” and throw him in the dog pound.

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