Can’t Afford Your Birth Control? WTF? Just Google It! (Video)

No shit. I don’t know what we women would do without the GOP. It’s loaded with geniuses. And it seems that the state of Wisconsin has more than it’s share of geniuses these days. Of course, you all must know about Governor Scott Walker and his anti-labor mentality by now.  How about State Senator Glenn Grothmann? Know anything about him? He has introduced Senate Bill 507, which targets non-marital single parenthood (read: single mothers) as a contributing factor in child abuse and neglect. Hey, it doesn’t matter that single parents make up one-third of all Wisconsin parents. The GOP – on all levels of government – has to have someone to demonize, and it works better for them these days if it’s women. Then there’s Rep Don Pridemore. He not only co-sponsored Grothmann’s ill-begotten bill, but he owns some unbelievably insightful logic of his own. According to Pridemore, abused wives should try to remember the good things about their husbands. You know, the reasons why they got married to begin with. Sheer genius, I tell you. Hell, these three stooges aren’t even the best of the lot in Wisconsin.

The latest bit of genius insight from the GOP (which actually stands for Goons On Parade) comes from Tea Party Boy, Senator Ron Johnson. You remember him, of course. He’s the guy who beat Democratic progressive Russ Feingold in 2010. (Wow. That was a watershed moment.) When it comes to birth control, Ron Johnson and his goons have all the answers. Who needs women in the discussion? According to Johnson, if you can’t afford your birth control, just Google it for God’s sake. Here’s the gist of the conversation between Johnson and Scott Keyes of Think Progress:

KEYES: What do we say to the millions of women who can’t afford access to birth control?

JOHNSON: My wife actually went online here in Wisconsin and typed in, “what if I can’t afford birth control?” Came up, bam. If you can’t afford it, you can get birth control in this country. That’s a straw-dog argument. There’s no conservative who’s trying to deny women health care or contraceptives. We’re just saying this is an issue of religious freedom. […]

KEYES: What do you mean, “if you can’t afford it you can get it?”

JOHNSON: You can get it. Go online, type it in. It’s easy to get.

Watch it

Again, we’re back to the argument about ‘religious freedom.’ Apparently, religious freedom in America doesn’t mean we’re free to worship as we please. What it actually means is that we can put millions of women at risk by denying them health coverage if the person who works at the doctor’s office, or clinic, or hospital is Christian and is against birth control. It means that a woman can be denied an abortion if she becomes pregnant through rape or incest, or if her own life is in danger. This ‘religious freedom’ argument is nonsensical and flies in the face of logic. Then again, we should all know by now that the GOP doesn’t legislate based on reason and logic. It legislates based on appeasing the crazy Christian right-wing nut cakes that own the GOP lock, stock and barrel.

Unfortunately for clear-headed Wisconsinites, Democratic Senator Herbert Kohl is retiring. That leaves yet another seat at risk. Their only hope is that Democratic Rep Tammy Baldwin takes the seat. Because if she doesn’t, it could well go to Tommy Thompson. I’m sure you remember him as George W. Bush’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. He’s the gift that keeps on giving, and the thing that wouldn’t die.

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  1. When I first looked at the headline, I thought it said, “Just Gargle It”. That really made me angry! Then, I put on my glasses and was puzzled. Google it? What am I supposed to do when I Google it? Hit “send”, hit “copy” and have condoms coming out’ta my copier? Geez!

  2. Like the SCOTUS judges, who make flip comparisions between health care and broccolli, republican/conservative “genuises” like this character are seemingly always prepared with a simplistic, anti-intellectual and nonsensical response to any complex question posed to them,that they clearly cannot respond to without endangering their chances for re-election by similarly like-(dead)minded, anti-intellectual non-sensical voters. The only portion of their brain which works with any consistency is the greedy, lizard section. Faced with politcal danger, they choose flight over fight and run off into the land of bizarro thinking. They deny logical, critical thinking and adopt absurd linguistics in order to avoid conflict and confrontation. They also expect us to take them seriously when they beave in this illogical manner.

    Deb, I will continue to debate you on the “religious ” aspect of this particular issue. This is all about male chauvinism and male domination. And the women who support this clap-trap have been held sexually and psychologically captive for so long that they have the Stckholm syndrome and agree with their captors.

    There are NO biblical materials which decry abortion or birth control…in fact there is nothing about human breeding and no definitive material about sex, hetero, homo or otherwise (including placing and aspirin between your knees). The “chistian” dingbats who claim this substantiation are dead wrong, mis-informed and mis-guided. They are as delusionary and off-kilter as the middle eastern folk who claim that the interpretations of the interpretations of the inaccurately recorded portions of the Quoran (or the Talmud) are “gospel”. Hogwash. They are all mental morons. They are all fear-driven, fear-mongering control freaks who are illiterate in their own chosen literature, not to mention Google as well, I would guess.

  3. Well now it is so NOT funny that when you google it, all you get is people commenting on the idiocy of his statement. C’mon people, I really need to google this. I really can’t afford birth control. Can someone tell me what page to go to for the free birth control?? And can someone help me when I find it? Does it pop out of my DVD drive or do I have to attach a USB to my mouth or uterus?

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