Elizabeth Warren Gets the Nomination; Ready to Take Down Scott Brown

Yesterday Elizabeth Warren received 95.77% of the delegate vote at the Massachusetts state primary convention, putting to rest any doubt about her candidacy for the seat the late Ted Kennedy held for 46 years. After receiving the nomination, she commented “I’ve got just one thing to say: I’m ready.” She immediately challenged the incumbent, “I’d love to see some debates with Scott Brown,” she told reporters, “Let’s get started on this. I’m ready.”

The truth is that Warren has been ready and focused on the real issues for months. Scott Brown has been trying to distract the voters with meaningless chatter about Warren’s Cherokee heritage for weeks. They haven’t taken the bait. The only ones distracted have been the media. Hopefully they’ll remember what they’re supposed to be focusing on. (It’s the issues, stupid.)

Prior to getting the nomination, Warren also commented on the non-issue yesterday, stating:

“Well I say this, if that’s all you’ve got, Scott Brown, I’m ready,” the Harvard Law School professor said to sustained applause.

“And let me be clear: I am not backing down. I didn’t get in this race to fold up for the first time I got punched,” Warren said.

Scott Brown’s Negative Campaign Can’t Shake Warren

The latest polls show that Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown are pretty much in a statistical tie for the Massachusetts senate seat. No matter how much Brown tries to distract the Massachusetts voters with inconsequential garbage about Warren’s claim of being 1/32 Cherokee, 69% of the voting population in Massachusetts have stated it’s not a significant issue.

It’s the whole “birther” mentality of the GOP run amok. Apparently, Warren cannot produce any paperwork that proves she is part Cherokee. Wow. That’s a major issue for me. (Smirk.) Brown has incorrectly focused on her “minority” status and has inferred that is what got her a teaching job at Harvard University. That is not the case. In fact, the records show that she never claimed minority status anywhere she applied for a teaching job. Furthermore, Charles Fried, who hired Warren at Harvard – and, by the way, who voted for Scott Brown in 2010 – has stated that Elizabeth Warren did not have an affirmative action advantage when she was hired as a full professor. The claim, he said, is “false.” She was recruited and hired by Harvard because of her expertise in bankruptcy and commercial law. Those are credentials that cannot be disputed, but neither Scott Brown nor the media are talking about that.

That the media is focusing on a topic that came up because of Warren’s contribution to a recipe book is nothing short of amazing, but I must say that I’m not surprised. When was the last time anybody saw the mainstream media pay attention to serious subjects? I stopped reading their drivel several years ago and now get all of my information from other sources. If only they’d go after the truth on issues that matter with such dogged determination, we might actually be able to take the media seriously.

The reality is that an incumbent should be doing a hell of a lot better in the polls (at least 50%) than Scott Brown has been doing.Part of the problem is that he’s like the rest of the GOP: Out of touch with what really matters to the American people and the people of Massachusetts. He can try to paint himself as a “regular guy” who rides around in a pick up truck, but the fact is that he owns twice as many houses as Mitt Romney.

He claims to be independent fr om the GOP, yet he co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment and has actively joined the GOP war on women.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren’s message has been the same since she announced her candidacy: She’s the candidate of the middle class. She’s concerned with leveling the playing field. She’s adamant about reigning in Wall Street.

It’s time for Scott Brown to start addressing the issues. Either he understands what the voters of Massachusetts think are the real issues (and it clearly isn’t Elizabeth Warren’s 1/32 Cherokee heritage) or he doesn’t. If he does understand the issues, it’s time to tell the voters where he stands on those issues and why he’s a better choice. And it can’t be simply because Elizabeth Warren isn’t fit to be Senator. She’s as fit to serve as he is. He has to come up with something better. However, I’m pretty sure that if people knew where he really stood on the issues that matter to them, he probably wouldn’t get a second term. That’s why he’s trying to distract the voters with nonsensical drivel.

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  1. Liz Warren needs to kick Downtown Brown’s butt all way back downtown and make him leave by a back street in his hypocritical pickup truck. If he is lucky, maybe he will get attacked by Indians on the way out. Or at least 1/32 of them.

    • I’ll tell you what. He can run whatever kind of negative campaign he wants. The people are barely paying attention to that stuff. She needs to focus on the independent voters, and keep with the same message she’s been giving from the very beginning. He won’t deal with the issues because he doesn’t want people to know where he stands.

      I have a good feeling about this race. I may be wrong, but the incumbent should be kicking butt by now. He isn’t.

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