America and Its Obsession With Guns

Here we are after one of the worst massacres in United States history and we have a GOP presidential candidate who says we don’t need gun control and a sitting president who is too chickenshit to stand up to the NRA. Indeed, Obama’s response to the Aurora, Colorado killings was to go on record saying he would protect the Second Amendment gun rights. Can somebody help me with this logic?  The perpetrator, who killed 12 people and wounded 58 others carried a 12-gauge shotgun, an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine, and two .40-caliber Glock semi-automatic pistols. Doesn’t sound like a guy who was defending himself. It sounds like a guy intent on killing innocent people. And that’s just what happened. Instead of saying we need “gun control,” Barack Obama is calling it “violence reduction.” This is pure bullshit, people. A couple of things “for the record” here: One, it isn’t just about banning assault weapons. Although, how our elected morons allowed this ban to expire without renewing it is beyond all reason. Nobody…I mean NOBODY…needs an assault weapon. You don’t hunt deer with an assault weapon. You don’t shoot for sport with an assault weapon. What you do with an assault weapon is kill people. Period. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar. Plain and simple. Two, let’s talk about this whole Second Amendment bullshit. Here is the actual text of the Second Amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

We can talk about this a bit. Carrying a gun onto a college campus, for example — like you can in Texas — is not what the Founding Fathers were talking about here. This was intended as a “collective” right as part of a “militia,” which was what existed at the time this amendment came into play. There has been much argument over this amendment, to be sure. Does it mean that an individual has the right to carry any kind of gun, no matter where he or she is? Hard to tell, but I’m guessing the answer is “No.” Here’s how I look at it:

(1) Nobody needs an assault weapon for any reason. Period.

(2) Everyone who wants to carry a gun should apply and should be subjected to psychological testing. Period. People do not need a gun the same day they apply. If there’s someone imminently threatening them, then they need to go to the police.

Since the  latest massacre, we’ve already had the possibility of a copycat killer. This clown was armed with 25 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. He wore a shirt that said, “Guns don’t kill people. I do.” He was apparently pissed off because Pitney Bowes fired him. Okay. Guns don’t kill people. People do. EXACTLY. That’s why we need gun control. Screw this “violence reduction” shit. That can mean anything. It’s about “gun control.” That’s why people need to be evaluated prior to them being given guns. That’s why people should not be allowed to purchase ammo and guns on the Internet. Give me a break. Wake up.

It’s amazing to me how the conservatives in this nation think. The Second Amendment means anyone can carry a gun anytime. But when it comes to, say, same-sex marriage, the Constitution and Bill of Rights does not apply in the same way. It’s subject to interpretation. When it comes to taxes, the Founding Fathers intended for only corporations to pay taxes, not individuals. We had no problem amending the Constitution. Now, corporations basically pay no taxes while the taxpayers (and I’m talking about the middle class here) bear tax burden. It all depends upon what suits those who are raking in the dough.

Let’s get serious here: There was no NRA back in the day of the Second Amendment. There is now. The NRA and ALEC was instrumental in the whole “stand your ground” law fiasco because it suited their business purposes. It’s all about making money and maintaining profitability. I don’t understand why Barack Obama is being such a wimp about this whole thing. Frankly, the NRA isn’t going to endorse Barack Obama. It is going to endorse Mitt Romney, the Mitty-come-lately to the while “lifetime member” of the NRA bullshit. In other words, Barack Obama is pandering to a group that has no intention of supporting him in the upcoming election. And, frankly, those who are members so of the NRA are going to vote for the GOP.  Here’s a dose of reality for the politicians and the NRA hierarchy to chew on: A GOP pollster says that even NRA members support laws to keep guns from criminals and other dangerous people…like nut cakes. Why? Because it doesn’t do them any good when crack pots like the Aurora shooter have guns.

Here’s what I expect from Mitt Romney: WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET INTO 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. He will pander to any group that will help him get where he’s going, even if it means forsaking his previous positions on key issues and adopting those that will get him votes. It’s now or never for Mitt. What I expect from Barack Obama is a whole lot more and, as usual, he fails to deliver. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. That will be his legacy at the end of the day.

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  1. “Nobody needs an assault weapon for any reason. Period.”

    I guess it depends on if one thinks they should have the means to resist the state. I presume by assault weapon you mean assault rifle btw.

    • Seriously? When was the last time we had to do that? When was the last time that an assault rifle or weapon (semantics) was used for that purpose. The only thing an assault weapon has been used for is to kill innocent people. I’m a HUGE believer in the Constitution. Truly. However, I see no good coming of assault weapons in any form. Give me a break.

      • Rifles were used in the South during the 60’s to resist state agents. The NAACP had a proud history of doing that very thing when forced to do so even when the individuals they fired upon were law enforcement officials in Alabama or North Carolina.

        An assault rifle is a specific class of weapon that has a particular meaning. The use of assault weapon was confusion as it doesn’t actually have a meaning outside of one law and even then the law wasn’t clear. It is like the image that was linked to the blog that showed a 30 round magazine but said it was capable of holding 1000 rounds and called the magazine release a rocket launcher button. It is also referred to a “full auto switch” and says at the bottom that you can purchase this at Wal Mart. That is simply not true as any weapon with select fire requires a federal firearms license which is not held by Wal Mart. This is not semantics as words have meaning.

      • The reason some law-abiding citizens own rifles, is because of reasons like, “what if another country(s) attacks us?” if that ever happened (which I never hope will) I don’t want to be left with a handgun to protect my family. But there are other reasons too.

      • like the picture at the top says, tell me more about how criminals follow the law. Plus, ever heard of the black market. And drugs are illegal, criminals still get them. how would gun bans be any different.

      • Ah, yes, you all encompass the reason to do nothing at all. Because gun control may not catch ALL the criminals, let’s not do a damned thing at all. Really? Take a real good look at the perpetrators of mass killings since Columbine. These aren’t “criminals.” Generally speaking, they’re mentally ill or emotionally unstable.

        I’ll say it again. Nobody needs to keep military-grade weapons in their homes. Nobody. They aren’t used to “defend” families and property. The statistics on the use of guns for that purpose are virtually non-existent. The people who are killed by guns in the home are family members and neighbors. And if you have a problem with a background check, maybe none of you should even have guns.

  2. I believe in your right to own a single shot black powder musket, just like the founding fathers, but nothing else….

  3. Dear Mr. Woodruff. The discussion of firearm specifics wasn’t the point of the article, frankly. The bottom line is: 12 people were murdered and 58 wounded by someone who clearly should not have been able to even OWN a gun. That is the point of the article.

    I am a big believer in the Constitution. However, I see no problem with anyone who wants to own a gun being subjected to a background and psychological test. Sorry. Fact is, the got a lot of his equipment over the Internet. This needs to stop to.

    We have the Second Amendment. It’s very specific. That’s not a question of semantics either.

  4. Gun control is not going to help, criminals don’t follow laws and will aquire a gun anyways. Assault rifles are not automatic. Not all guns are “assault” rifles, mine will always be a “SHTF” rifle. Assult rifles are used for hunting because of the ability to fire off multiple shots if needed the hunted does not die, also the versatility of an AR-15 is massive, so it can adapt for almost everything.

    • That’s bullshit. The people who are committing mass murders aren’t “criminals” in the true sense of the word. They are people who are psychologically messed up, who can’t handle being fired from their jobs or are pissed off for some other reason. I think it is ridiculous that people in this country cannot accept the fact that what we need is a waiting period where a person is subjected to the same kind of criminal background check that you would get going through today’s employment process. And that would include a look into that person’s psychological profile. Sorry. It’s life. We’re not talking about buying a loaf of bread here. It’s a fucking weapon.

      So, let’s stop using lame excuses about “criminals.” The fact is that criminals will always have guns. They’ll always find a way. We’re not talking about criminals here. In Texas, you can bring a gun to class. In some states, you can bring a gun food shopping. WTF? Is there a need for this? No.Let’s get off this Second Amendment bullshit and face some facts.

      • Ok so I can agree that that in order to obtain a firearm you should have a psychological check, etc. No need for the language though.

      • So What do you define as a Criminal if not the people who commit crime? Is it a crime to commit mass murder? Yes, so it a Criminal! 1+1 = 2…… Crime+ Person= Criminal….. simple math. Calling them “psychologically messed” is a cop out and letting them off the hook for their crime. Not holding them responsible for their Atrocities anymore huh?! When is the last time you heard of a shooting in Texas? Not going to happen because the “criminal” wouldn’t get his gun out fast enough! thats why Texas got it right. You want facts look up California before and after gun bans crime went up 33% in 1 year. Texas when they lifted the gun ban and made guns availible to all, crime dropped drastically. I got my facts from the FBI website. If you are curious you are welcome to check. Facts don’t lie!

        NRA and local private Carry owners were behind this.

        Really a psychological profile to buy a gun? How about drive a car more people are killed driving every year? Or smoking how about that? What about Fast food it cause heart attacks? How about sugar it cause diabetes? Do we all need psychological profiles? O NO!!!!!

      • In light of the tragedy in Connecticut, it is clear that we need gun control in this country. I’m tired of the continual right-wing pack of bullshit about the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Very, very rarely are guns used in defense in this country. It is almost NEVER that a gun is used by a citizen to protect him or herself. That’s pure bullshit.

        Guns, especially semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, are used for one thing: To kill other people. They aren’t used for hunting. They aren’t used for sport. They are used to kill.

        This will be the subject of my next post on Revolutionary Radar. You can hold your comments until then.

    • thank you Short Round

  5. First off I will start with I am in Air Force Special Tactics and I have extensive training in weapons. Second my brother is in Law Enforcement and he has extensive training in that field. He has enformed me that the Local Law Enforcement is not here to stop crime as it is happening but to solve crime after the fact and bring to justice, contrary to popular belief. Most crimes committed are not stopped by Law Enforcement as they happen but rather are later brought to trial for that said crime. I carry a Firearm 100% of the time; it doesn’t matter if it is in church or at a local shopping center. If a criminal is intent on doing his spree he better pray I am not there because I will do everything in my power to protect the innocent around me. It is my job when I go down range to eliminate the threat , to protect my fellow countrymen and “I will do my duty”! If every american would step up and take his God given right to protect his loved ones and himself, these killings could be prevented, and those cowards who go in to schools or churches and get their firearms illegally would be nothing more than foot notes in an obituary of a newpaper column. As a military member who’s job is to stop terriorists before they can effectively bring an attack against the USA, I am surprised that every free born man is not equipped to defend himself from the threats that are out there and protect what is at stake. The only people who are threated by gun laws are those that obey them. Criminals do NOT OBEY laws. If they did there wouldn’t be any shootings….. IF YOU WANT TO STOP ILLEGAL FIREARMS, CLOSE DOWN THE BORDER!!! Most of the illegal firearms come from the South. So here is my question to you…. What would you do to protect your loved ones? Would you educate yourself on how correctly use a firearm? Would you learn what are the laws regarding Conceal Carry? What states it is legal in? And even more importantly get and carry to protect your loveds ones from being threatened? Remember the man who is legally carrying his firearm is the most likely one to stop an attack before it happens. Lets face it: guns will never be removed from our society. Someone will always get one…. usually the bad guy. So let us take the same mentalilty that our ForeFathers did, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, and are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Amoung these are life, liberty and the the pursuit of happiness.” My happiness is to buy, carry, and shoot guns as well as protect my wife and 20 month old son! So I am not the bad guy here. I am have sworn to protect my country that I love. I am very patriotic about my belief. I refuse to believe that taking our firearms or our rights and freedom to have guns would stop crime. I am a firm believer of the opposite. It would encourage TYRANNY and only make us SLAVES!!! I will never be Slave to anything especially not a government! Thank God for a Government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” The last thing, In order to get a firearm you do have to go through a FBI background check before any purchase! It is quite extensive if you answer yes to any of a whole list of questions you cannot purchase a firearm. It amazes me that people think you just walk up to a local walmart and just buy a gun along with your package of gum or something. It requires filling out an extesive form from every place you have lived in the past 7 years to your SSN. It goes straight to the FBI or State Bureau of Investigation in some places, and you might have to wait up to several days depending on certain circumstances for you to get a call about picking up that firearm. For a Conceal Carry you have to attend a $200 federally mandated class, $80 to get fingerprinted and registered with the state. As well as a FBI background check of your entire life another $50. It takes 90 days and can be refused for the most miniscule detail. Dont just assume!!! The laws in place are already quite sufficent. If you dont’ believe me Prove me wrong! I know what the laws ARE…….DO YOU?!

    • Listen, if you look at the statistics, very few “shootings” involve people who “protect their wife and 20-month old son.” Show me some statistics that prove otherwise. Nobody, and I mean nobody, military or not, needs an assault weapon. Assault weapons are not used for sport. They are not used to hunt. They are used to kill other human beings. I’m tired of all the right-wing bullshit about rights and liberties. Americans, erroneously, equate gun ownership with liberty and patriotism. That’s a bunch of crap. It’s the NRA’s battle cry. The NRA cares about the corporations who fund them. They don’t want them to lose sales. You want to hunt? Fine. Go ahead. But you don’t need an assault weapon. Nobody does.

      • I will post you the statistic of shootings for you. I have assault rifles and so does my wife. I won’t hurt anyone. Having any firearm doesn’t make any person more or less capable of harm. A man in China walking into a school and stabbed 28 children to death. The worst shooting in our history was with a single shot bolt action rifle; 38 people were killed. Not an assualt rifle. My point is you are not actually using any facts at all. I am pointing out that blaming the guns for the action of people is like blaming a Car for a wreck! We don’t outlaw cars, more people die every day from that!

      • Oh, please, stop. Congratulations on owning assault weapons. Enjoy them. My position is that nobody needs them. You may be responsible. But since Columbine, the number of dead in this nation due to mass killings and gun violence is staggering in my opinion.

  6. I find it poor logic to ban guns, We didn’t ban airplanes after 9/11. If you ban fire arms the only people who be able to aquire them will be criminals since we all know they follow laws….right? By banning the firearms you will enable criminals since no one else is able to defend themselves and give them a blank check for mayhem. During prohibition era, what happened? Everybody and their brother started making alcohol and the largest crime wave in our nation’s history started. When the Government banned drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or meth, suddenly there were no drugs at all in the USA right? No drug dealers, nothing! The simple fact is when you ignore the source of the problem and try instead to put a quick fix, it is like putting a bandaid on a gushing wound; it will not work. In China, a man walked in to a school and stabbed 22-28 (depending on the source) children to death. Banning guns is going to stop psychopaths for being psychotic? So now we get down to the real issue: the people who commits the atrocities! How is it we give these criminals their 15 mins of fame for such depravation? I don’t see any difference between a kid who walks in to a school and shoots it up, and a terrorist who attacks a trade tower? What has changed in our country in the past few decades? Before the 1960’s this would have been unheard of. What are we allowing in front of our kids? We are shocked that the shooting happen yet we spend millions of dollars ever year in movies, TV shows and video games that promote mass killing. How is it surprising that killings happen with what we are promoting? We glorifiy it, make it desireable and then act shocked because it happens? I personally am a active duty military member who has fought in war and is currently about to head down range to war for another tour. It destroys me inside that our Nation does not take responsiblity for what we are doing! If we invest in our young people and took the time to truly assess that what we are feeding our young peoples minds, it is going to come back on our heads if we dont get it right. What are we doing? So I ask all of you to stop and consider your families, your loved ones, What are you feeding your young ones minds? Is this really what you want for them? Is it right that are kids who live in fear of movie theaters, schools and malls? And would banning firearms really solve any of that? Or would it promote the gangs and the thugs sinces they will get guns anyway? Are you aware of the laws that are in place and what goes on for the purchase of a firearm? Did you know according to the website 700,000 individuals this year were prevented for purchasing a firearms? Did you know that this year Crime rates dropped due to a major increase in firearms purchase according to the FBI. . So My question is why are we ignoring the facts? What if we enacted the Death penalty instead? What if that give some one pause? If it stopped one shooting would that be enough? How about ten or maybe twenty? I have been told it is cruel to exicute a criminal? But it wasn’t cruel for him to to go into a school and go on a rampage? I just don’t get how anyone could support abortion and kill an inoccent child but God forbid we execute a tried and harded mass murder? You might want to consider who you want abort? The inoccent or the guilty!
    Now here are some FACT about guns
    Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year—or about 6,850 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. “National Safety Council”
    Concealed carry laws have reduced murder and crime rates in the states that have enacted them. According to a comprehensive study which reviewed crime statistics in every county in the United States from 1977 to 1992, states which passed concealed carry laws reduced their rate of murder by 8.5%, rape by 5%, aggravated assault by 7% and robbery by 3%. “FBI crime static”
    Washington, D.C. has, perhaps, the most restrictive gun control laws in the country, and yet it is frequently the Murder Capital of the nation. In the 25 years following the DC gun ban, its murder rate INCREASED 51 percent, even while the national rate DECREASED 36 percent. “FBI Uniform crime report”

  7. I don’t recall the Terrorist buying the plane. They just crashed it! Have you ever asked a law enforcement officer what they think about private owners especially Conceal carry owners? I recommend contacting your local law enforcement and asking them their opinion. You haven’t mentioned even once how the individual who shot up the school had known mental problems. How is it the inanimant object is at fault? It didn’t do anything without the person. And yes, I hunt with a .223/5.56. It is in fact a hunting rifle originally designed for small game and varmints. I hunt with relatives and close friends; NONE of us have ever shot anyone! There were approximately 2 million rifles sold in the US this year; according to the FBI 15%-20% are AR style rifles. That means approximately 400,000 rifles sold are AR styles. If that many have been sold, why hasn’t there been 400,000 deaths every day?? Let’s go broader; why hasn’t there been 400,000 deaths by AR style rifles this year? Assuming each rifle shot only one person that is…people who buy these don’t buy them to harm other people; quite frankly, they buy them either because the gun looks cool or for home defense (according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation).

    Also most people cannot get a hold of an assault rifle. According to the FBI an ASSAULT RIFLE is fully automatic which is only availible to military and law enforcement unless special permission is granted by BATF. That rifle used in Conn. was not a assault rifle; it was a carbine semi-auto! I use an assault rife when I deploy and go to war. The news media is wrong. I know because I have connections who work in Conn. It is not an ASSAULT RIFLE. The fact that it has magazines or looks like a military weapon does not make it one.

    Even anti-gun Clinton researchers concede that guns are used 1.5 million times annually for self-defense. According to the Clinton Justice Department, there are as many as 1.5 million cases of self-defense with a firearm every year. The National Institute of Justice published this figure in 1997 as part of “Guns in America”—a study which was authored by noted anti-gun criminologists Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig.
    Knives more deadly: According to the FBI, people have a much greater chance of being killed by a knife or a blunt object than by any kind of rifle, including an “assault rifle.” In Chicago, the chance is 67 times greater. That is, a person is 67 times more likely to be stabbed or beaten to death in Chicago than to be murdered by an “assault rifle.”

    • Listen, JTAC, we had ONE failed attempt at “shoe bombing,” and now everybody is required to remove their shoes while boarding any plane going anywhere. We have had 20 mass murders involving guns since Columbine, and the checks and balances on guns hasn’t gotten any stricter. That’s patently absurd. I’m sorry. I am not suggesting that we take everyone’s guns away. What we need to do is stop selling guns and ammunition online where NOBODY is checked, at gun shows where NOBODY is checked, and person-to-person where NOBODY is checked. There needs to be a waiting period and everyone, everyone must be background checked. I am also suggesting that mental health be part of that check. Sorry, but that’s essential. In addition, NO ASSAULT WEAPONS OF ANY KIND. A total ban is necessary. Nobody needs those weapons. Nobody.

      • actually, online the check on you is just as long as the check in a gun shop, it just does not take as long due to no wait for mail to make its way there and back to you. And like JTAC said, a gun is an INANIMATE OBJECT, it has no brain, how can it make you do something.

  8. Well I have to say I agree with quite a bit of what you said in your last post. I agree that there have been way to many (as in 1 is too many) killing sprees. And yes the checks and balances have not changed any of that. I don’t know if I agree with ammo being sold online yet; I am on the fence about that because without a firearm, its useless. I completely agree with you that any person who wants a firearm should have to buy it in person through a Federally licensed dealer, so if he is unstable maybe it might throw a flag. It also keeps accountability involved. I understand where you are coming from on your mental checks as well. I am half/half on that; I definitely see your point and am mulling it through if you will. But yes a lot of what you just said makes a lot of sense to me. The assault rifle part….. I like using mine for troublesome coyotes to help out a dear old lady friend of mine who owns cows and the coyotes go after her calves so her lively hood is at stake. I also use it for deer hunting in legal plaes so I am reserved on that. As a conservative, I heard part of Obamas speech today, and what I heard I agreed with. Just thought I would add that.

  9. what is the legal definition of an ASSAULT WEAPON?

  10. Now how many people have been abused of police brutality yet we are arming them more and more.
    Think of the bigger picture. The Second Amendment was not there just to own any gun. It is there so that the people are somewhat equally equipped as the military.
    Just like the Patriots had the same firearms as the British Army, same scenario except even now our firearms aren’t what they have. They were here to protect our other rights. Just take Hitler for an example. First comes gun registration then gun confiscation. Open Your Eyes.

  11. New York… Total gun ban.. caused rise in gun violence.

  12. You know what the difference is between a Ruger mini 14 with a pistol grip and one without a pistol grip? Nothing! But one is considered an assault weapon and the other is not. According to the FBI crime statistics only 5% of gun related deaths in 2011 were from rifles or assault rifles. 5% were from shotguns and the other 90% was from pistols. Pistols are not assault weapons but count for 90% of deaths by firearms. Tell me again how assault rifles are the most dangerous?

    • Here’s where I’m coming from, Greg: I support a ban on assault weapons. I don’t think anyone needs military-grade weapons in this country. My big issue is that we live in a nation where we believe that somehow calling the police is not an option. We must whip out our guns.

      The response Americans have had is irrational. The whole issue is about background checks. Period. If you can’t stand up to a background check that includes a psychological profile, then you shouldn’t have a gun. Period.

      When protecting these so-called “Second Amendment” rights trumps the innocent’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then something has to be done. Your gun rights aren’t more important than saving lives. Period.

      It would be one thing if everyone who owned guns or who attempted to own guns were rational, responsible or sane. They simply aren’t. And, for the record, since Columbine, the majority of mass killings have been accomplished with assault weapons.

      To say that we should do absolutely NOTHING about this issue is just plain insanity. I’m sorry. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

      • I GUARANTEE you that had the teacher in that first classroom in the sandy hook shooting, at least 25 of those families would be holding their child right now.

    • Here’s where I’m coming from, Greg: I support a ban on assault weapons. I don’t think anyone needs military-grade weapons in this country. My big issue is that we live in a nation where we believe that somehow calling the police is not an option. We must whip out our guns.

      The response Americans have had is irrational. The whole issue is about background checks. Period. If you can’t stand up to a background check that includes a psychological profile, then you shouldn’t have a gun. Period.

      When protecting these so-called “Second Amendment” rights trumps the innocent’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then something has to be done. Your gun rights aren’t more important than saving lives. Period.

      It would be one thing if everyone who owned guns or who attempted to own guns were rational, responsible or sane. They simply aren’t. And, for the record, since Columbine, the majority of mass killings have been accomplished with assault weapons.

      To say that we should do absolutely NOTHING about this issue is just plain insanity. I’m sorry. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

      • I do agree that civilians do not need fully automatic weapons but since it is so incredibly difficult and astronomically expensive ($10,000 minimum and up) almost the only non LEO, non military that have them are criminals. Most of those automatic weapons come from outside the US. I would also like to say that adding a pistol grip to a .22 cal Ruger mini 14, a weapon used to hunt small game like rabbits, does not make it a military grade weapon! If someone thinks it does make it a military grade weapon I would call THEM irrational.

        I agree with you about background checks and I could also go along with the psych eval as long as it is not cost prohibitive. Mental health is a key problem in mass killings and seemingly ignored by the media and our government.

        All of our rights are important, period.

        As for your statement “since Columbine, the majority of mass killings have been accomplished with assault weapons” I have to point out a couple of things. Your link above, while informative, is less than concrete about EXACTLY what an assault weapon is. I also did some research about mass shootings and found that only 28% are done with assault weapons (to be fair they did not define what an assault weapon is either). FBI crime statistics show that mass shootings account for less than 1% of gun murder. We have a hugely reactionary and overblown media circus about these things and it is a fraction of gun death in the US. Where is all the righteous indignation over the 6220 people killed with pistols?

        I never said nothing should be done because something should be done. Better background checks, more accountability from gun owners about who has access to their weapons, more stringent restrictions about buying and selling at gun shows. But these are not the only things that should be done. Beating our chests and attacking a type of weapon that counts for less than 1% of gun murder and ignoring everything else is insanity.

      • When was the last time a killer waited for their victim to call and wait for the police to show up and arrest them.

  13. Americans are not allowed to own fully automatic weapons, only semi automatic ones Greg.

  14. This is classic, Deb you are getting owned left and right and still clinging to your arguments, all of which have been shot down. JTAC thank you for your intelligent arguments and your service to this country.

  15. I’m owned, Doug? I think not. You’re owned by the NRA and the politicians who can’t give up its blood money. On a personal level, I have no use for guns. Period. However, I have no problem with those who do. I simply do not believe that any citizen needs military-style weapons. I don’t give a shit if it’s automatic or semi-automatic. And if you want guns, fine. All you need to do is pass a background check. If you are a law-abiding citizen and are not mentally ill, you shouldn’t have a problem with that. If you aren’t a law-abiding citizen and have a history of mental health problems, you shouldn’t have guns. Period. They aren’t toys.

    Your Second Amendment rights don’t trump the rights of the innocent to continue to live their lives. It’s as simple as that.

    And please, thank you for your “service to this country?” What bullshit. What does service to this country have to do with carrying around weapons as an average citizen? Nothing. Give me a break.

  16. Well, let take a minute to describe my “service” and what it costs me. I have been in the military now for over 5 years, I have fought in Iraq and as I write this I am prepping to deploy to Afghanistan and will be there before the end of June or so for the next 10 months possibly more. I will have spent over 16-17 months in War Zones engaged in combat. I will miss the birth of my second child durning this deployment as well as missing: my 4th New Years, 3rd wife’s birthday, 1 childs birthday, and my 3rd birthday missed, 4th Valentines day, 4th Easter, 5 independance day, 3 Thanksgiving, the 3rd Anniversary I have been gone for, and lastly missed my 2nd Christmast being in combat zone. This is what my family sacrifices for me to serve my Country and this is what the “Price of Freedom” means to me. I had a buddy who I knew personally who skype’d with his wife and daughter who not even an hour later was dying in a field in Iraq after steping on an land mine an having both legs blown away above the knee’s, die in my arms as he pleaded with me to tell his wife and daughter he loves them and will all ways be with them as he died. My other brother in arms who I watch bleed to death on the streets of Iraq after being shot in the kneck by a sniper during a fire fight and I could not go to him to try and save his life. He had a wife who was 3 months pregnant at the time and he (the child) will never know the hero who was his dad. A great friend of mine from my unit who was killed saving the life of another member in his squad who was hit by a mortor round during an ambush. his wife was giving birth the same week he was killed, his daughter turned 3 years old the following month. You might see these fallen soldiers picture in an obituary on a paper but I knew many of these brother in arms personally. This is what the “Price of Freedom” is and what it costs. The ultimate sacrife by the less than 1% of our nation who have volunteered to put themselves in harms way to give us the freedoms that we take for granted. The reason why I think Service to this Country gives me a right to say this is I know how high the cost is. I am fighting for the freedom and proction for those who chose to carry concealled weapons legally and those who chose to tell me This is “Bullshit”. I am willing to fight and die for your rights even if that means you try to take away my freedem to carry, so this is my preverbial “Bullshit”.

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