Romney-Ryan 2012: The One Percent Ticket is Now Complete

Nobody should be surprised that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate. The consummate candidate of the one percent had to fill out his ticket with the appropriate sidekick. If elected, you can be sure of the final crushing blow to the poor and middle class in America. For the record, all you so-called “middle class Republicans” had better think long and hard about voting for the deadly duo. They don’t give a shit about you either. The middle class is the middle class, no matter what side of the aisle it’s on. Romney-Ryan have absolutely no use for or allegiance to you, no matter what kind of bullshit they spew between now and November.

Let’s not forget one salient point: More than three-fifths of the proposed cuts in the Ryan budget that was passed by the Tea Party-bloated House affects the poor and middle class Americans. You remember them because, most likely, you’re one of them. They are also called the 99%. Sometimes they’re called the 98%. Let’s not quibble. Let’s just say that you should all now have a clear vision of just what’s in store for the majority of Americans if the ticket wins. He’s got “The Path to Prosperity” all right: More prosperity for the “haves” and absolutely nothing for the “have-nots.”

Of course, Mr. Ryan is helping us because he’s reducing our dependence on government. Of course, he doesn’t provide any solutions because the GOP doesn’t require any solutions for helping the majority of Americans. Make no mistake about it. The GOP is the party of the wealthy, and it starts with its presumptive presidential nominee who called the Ryan plan “excellent work.” We’re talking about a guy who is planning on installing a four-car garage elevator in his La Jolla home,  a guy who took a $77,000 tax break for a dancing horse (well above the average income of most Americans), and a man who will absolutely not release his tax returns because he knows he’s a tax evader. Given all of this, do you think he really cares about seniors being able to afford their prescriptions, or the unemployed getting retrained for new jobs, or the poor having enough food to feed their families? If you do, then I want some of what you’re smoking.

While Paul Ryan’s plan has been criticized for its lack of detail, I’d like to point out exactly what is included:

  • A gross reduction in investment in the middle class (read: education, infrastructure, health care) to fund tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans;
  • Ending Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program that will result in an increase in seniors’ health costs;
  • Privatizing Social Security, exposing seniors’ retirement security to the whims of the Stock Market (because that worked so well for all of us before).

Sound like a guy who cares about the majority of Americans?

While we’re at it, let’s review Paul Ryan’s position on other issues. He cosponsored a bill that would ban in vitro fertilization, and many forms of birth control — including the pill. The same bill could also ban abortions even in the case of rape or incest, and Ryan supports allowing states to prosecute women who have abortions and the doctors who perform them. He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act, which helps women ensure they get paid the same amount of money for the same job as a man. Doesn’t much sound like he’s any good for women in America either.

Paul Ryan voted against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He supports writing discrimination into the U.S. Constitution via a same-sex marriage ban. Obviously not too good for LGBT Americans either.

What’s left? The one percent. The asshats in the GOP are calling the Romney-Ryan ticket the Comeback Team. It should be called the Deadly Duo because any advances we’ve made in social services, women’s rights and LGBT civil rights would be wiped out pretty quickly. That’s not making a comeback. That’s moving our country back to the dark ages.

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  1. If Romney/Ryan wins, that will confirm what I have long suspected… A lot of Americans are not very smart……
    Must be something in the water……….!

  2. To begin with, I’d like to know what Romney and Ryan are “coming back” from? Reagonomics? Compassionate conservatisim? The Clinton years? Some ill-defined earlier ideological or poltical defeat? And what, ON EARTH, will they bring us “back” to? I shuuder to think. Their rhetoric is a vacuous as Obama’s is hollow.

    Right now, I percieve that hysteria, on both the left and right, is prevailing in the immediate analysis. But Romney is an empty cellophane bag, and Ryan is the veritable universal symbol of negativity (he does not realize that Ayn Rand wrote FICTION). Together they have no core values or humane substance to offer society. They are the true cynics, who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    After the initial waves of shock, euphoria, delusionary joy and abject horror pass, I am hopeful that there will be some serious examinations of the pathetically thin philosphioes of these two men. One is a man who uses figures to lie and defraud, the other a man who lies to make figures appear to be something they are not.

    Together they are an evil, arrogant and pompous combination of anti-civility and the leaders of a potential forced march into backwards thinking and social inequality on a grand scale.

    And please do not bore me with their “vision” for America. The only vision these men possess is that which comes from a rear view mirror.

    Romney would be the sorcerer. Ryan is now annointed as the sorceror’s apprentice. Clouds this dark have no silver linings.


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