Over the last several days, the GOP has proved once again that it and its supporters are totally irrelevant, beginning with Donald Trump’s supposedly election-changing revelation about Barack Obama and ending with yet another GOP prospective lawmaker weighing in on the issue of rape.  That anyone — not just women and the LGBT community — could consider checking off boxes next to any GOP candidate is laughable. Here’s the latest:

Donald Trump’s big announcement about Barack Obama: This was supposed to change the election. Like a good PR person (and I spent 30 years in that field), he got the public all worked up over this one. If I were a member of the GOP, I’d pull this guy aside and tell him to STFU. He is the biggest bullshit artist and the biggest waste of space on the planet. The only thing interesting about this guy is his hair, and that’s not saying a hell of a lot. To the GOP, he should be the biggest embarrassment, but I’m not sure that the GOP is capable of being embarrassed by Trump because they have so many embarrassing people running for office. We’ve gone around the horn on this one. First, Trump’s claim was supposedly that Barack Obama sold cocaine in college. Nobody wanted anything to do with that story, especially the GOP. Then, it was that Michelle and Barack Obama once seriously considered divorce. My sister laughed at that one. She’s been married for 50 years this month. Her response, “Hell, I think about divorce every single day!” Give me a break. Ultimately, it was just Trump’s ploy to get everyone’s attention so that he could reveal his true motive: He publicly offered Barack Obama a $5 million dollars to his favorite charity if he’d release his “papers.” That’s it. Nothing more than the usual birther bullshit. Isn’t that bribery of a government official? This guy is a serious donkey.

The GOP’s War on Women is not a figment of our imagination: We’ve had a number of comments made about women, women’s bodies, and women’s health. They would be funny if they weren’t so damned insulting. It’s amazing to me that we’re in the year 2012 and the whole issue of Roe v. Wade, contraception and family planning are hot topics. They were settled for years until the GOP made them election topics. The latest comes from GOP Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock who believes that pregnancies resulting from rape are what God intended. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, how the hell does this asshat know what God intended? We can add this genius insight to that the comments from other GOP nitwits about similar topics.


We have Todd Akin, running against Claire McCaskill, who says that women don’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” In other words, if they get pregnant, they must have wanted the sex. Otherwise, women’s bodies can just shut down and prevent the pregnancy. Let’s face it, there’s nothing new in this theory. The right-to-lifers have been trotting out this nonsensical rape trauma as birth control crap for years. The majority of what has been published on this subject has been written by pro-life doctors. It’s a mystery to me how the public hasn’t demanded that Akin get the hell out of the race at this point. Are you waiting for the GOP to force him to get out? Don’t bother. Wake the hell up and realize that this is your country. If you don’t speak out, the politicians — no matter what side of the aisle they’re on — are happy to ignore the issue. Even if we take men out of the equation, how the women that Todd Akin may end up representing aren’t burning the barn over these comments is distressing to me. What does it take for women to get pissed off to the point that they show some self respect?

Then we have Representative Steve King who says he doesn’t know any woman who has become pregnant from statutory rape, while Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom King says that  having children out of wedlock is the same as rape. Amazing that these brainless white men know so much about women and their bodies when they can’t seem to find their own assholes with a flashlight and a mirror. Are these the guys you want running our country? Think about it, ladies. I fail to see how Mitt Romney and his cohorts will do anything to better your lives. All they are interested in doing is taking away the rights that women have spent years fighting for.

Here’s what we have: A bunch of misogynists who are so intent on controlling the women of this nation that they even have the hubris to attempt to redefine rape in their own image and likeness. This reflects their true attitude toward women on the whole: We’re second class citizens who don’t have what it takes to determine our own health care decisions, aren’t worthy of earning the same salary as men for the same job, and are unable to tell “rape” from “consensual sex.” I have said this before and I’ll say it once again here: This nation has degraded to the point where God and religion are used to control the masses, particularly women. Religion (and I’m talking about Christianity here) is the biggest hoax ever foisted upon the American people. The politicians effectively use it to convince people that it’s wrong for them to think for themselves and determine their own fate. It permeates American politics and the legislative process. Religious leaders tell their “flock” who to vote for from the pulpit, in direct violation of the separation between church and state, and IRS laws and they are allowed to do so without any repercussions. This isn’t about faith and religion. It isn’t about candidates and their ideology. When Paul Ryan says it’s impossible to separate his personal faith from his public life, that’s bullshit. It’s all about control.


Mitt Romney is a major league hypocrite: Mitt Romney wants a Constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. Let’s just ignore the fact that Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather fled to Mexico because he was prosecuted in the United States under the Edumunds Anti-Polygamy Act. In Mexico, he had lots of children. But hey, at least he had a lot of wives…not a lot of husbands. There’s a difference. Apparently polygamy is more palatable than same-sex marriage. Really? Here’s some more hypocrisy. Mitt Romney is virulently anti-immigrant. Yet, his grandfather fled to Mexico because he hated the United States. He then fled Mexico to avoid fighting in the Mexican Revolution. Mitt Romney himself fled to France to avoid fighting in Vietnam. None of his five sons have served in the military because they supposedly had a “higher calling.” They were destined for better things. That’s right. The majority of those who put their lives on the line for the United States are middle class and poor, not the wealthy. The wealthy usually start the wars because they can benefit financially from war. On the other hand and in spite of what the GOP tells you about the situation, Barack Obama’s grandfather fought for America in World War II, and his grandmother supported the war effort. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

Now, let me make one thing clear: I have absolutely no illusions about Barack Obama. I’m not out there on Facebook getting all gaga about how cool he looks in his Wayfarers. (That’s just so typical of American voters. Screw substance; it’s all about style.) Obama’s record on civil liberties is, at best, dismal. He’s even worse than George W. Bush. Think that’s not possible? Think again. He has an executive “kill” list that allows him to be the judge and jury when it comes to assassinating suspected “terrorists” even if they’re American and on American soil. He’s the master of indefinite detention. That means that the government can hold you in prison without charges and without access to an attorney. He is rightfully described as The Drone War President. Under Obama, your home can be searched and material seized without a warrant and, in fact, without you even knowing. Unlike my fellow members of the LGBT community, I’m not all gaga over his support. I completely understand the reality: Had Joe Biden not gone on national television and opened his big mouth, Barack Obama may never have “evolved” on same-sex marriage. (Thanks, Joe.) Barack Obama is indeed simply the lesser of two evils because both parties are now far too alike to be of any use in bringing about real change.

One thing I do know, however, is that I agree with Daniel Ellsberg: A Romney-Ryan administration would be no better and, in fact, worse on these issues and catastrophically worse on many other issues: The Supreme Court, women’s reproductive rights, climate change, attacking Iran, the economy, health care, safety nets (not “entitlements” but “earned benefits,” by the way) and many others. The goal right now is to ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are kept out of the White House, the House of Representatives goes back to the Democrats and the Senate stays in Democratic control. After that, we need to begin to elect true progressives (not Democrats masquerading as progressives) on a local and national level and begin to change the whole political landscape of this nation so that Americans have a real choice.