Will We Breathe a Sigh of Relief Tomorrow, or Will We Be Scared Shitless?

Okay, folks. I know you’re probably pretty tired of this stuff, but I have to do this one more time before D-Day. In the event that you are considering Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for the next four painful years, I’d like to remind you what their administration will look like:

  • Mitt Romney thinks the “middle class” is composed of $250K a year earners. This is not what everyone else thinks the middle class is. The middle class is actually earning one-fifth of that total. That means if you’re earning less than $250K, you’re screwed.
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are proposing a 20% tax cut across the board…that means another 20% for the millionaire earners, while they reduce the deficit. Really? It’s voodoo economics. Neither one has shown us the math. But plenty have proved that the math doesn’t work. In fact, the six studies that Paul Ryan cited actually prove the plan doesn’t work. It will amount to about an additional $2,000 in taxes for the middle class and the poor in the long term.
  • Mitt Romney was caught on tape saying that 47% of the people in this nation think they’re entitled, and that they don’t take responsibility for their own lives. Basically, we’re freeloaders. Don’t let him fool you. He didn’t make a mistake. He meant it. He said it in front of a bunch of millionaire donors. He thinks he’s funny. He’s serious. That means that he doesn’t give a shit what happens to 47% of the American people. He’s the consummate one-percent candidate.
  • Ladies, Mitt Romney will probably have two Supreme Court appointments during his term. He has already expressed his desire to see Roe v. Wade overturned. One woman said to me, “He’s not going to do that. He’s just saying it to get the vote.” Well, ladies, in 2012 we are 53% of the vote. Why would he say it if he wasn’t serious about it? Is that a chance you want to take? Do you want some rich, white man telling you what you can and cannot do with your own body?
  • And ladies, if that’s not enough for you, here’s some more: Mitt Romney has publicly endorsed Senate hopeful Rick Berg (R-ND) who wants to ban abortion entirely, and who has proposed prison sentences for doctors who perform abortion and women who have them even in the instance of rape and incest. He has publicly endorsed Richard Mourdock, who claims that if women become pregnant as a result of rape, it is what God intended. And his vice presidential running mate considers rape just another method of conception.
  • Mitt Romney doesn’t support fair pay for women. That means that it’s okay for you to earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for the same job. Oh, by the way, he was opposed to the Lily Ledbetter Act as well. Funny, this is the guy who says that mothers can’t have any self respect unless they work outside the home. Seems to me he doesn’t support working mothers’ self respect even if they do work outside the home.
  • Mitt Romney makes fun of climate change. In fact, Mitt Romney equated the devastation and clean-up after Hurricane Sandy with cleaning up rubbish and paper after a football game. Tell that to the people still without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The scientists, you know, the people who actually have a handle on these things, aren’t hedging about Hurricane Sandy. New York Governor Mike Bloomberg, an Independent, doesn’t think that way. He didn’t ¬†endorse any candidate in 2008. This year, he’s endorsed Barack Obama, citing climate change as his primary reason.
  • All you oxymoronic LGBT Americans out there who may be considering voting for Herr Romney, consider this: Not only does he not support same-sex marriage. He doesn’t even support civil unions for LGBT Americans. Nope. He believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • Mitt Romney said during one debate that we all believe in the same God. Someone should tell Mitt that’s not true. At least 16% of us do not believe in a supreme being at all. In case Mitt Romney is forgetting, he’s a Mormon. My family is Catholic. I an assure you that they don’t believe in Mitt’s God. And, oh yeah, there’s no place for religion in government or legislation. Contrary to popular opinion, that’s not what our Founding Fathers envisioned. It was Thomas Jefferson who said we are not a Christian nation.
  • If Mitt Romney is elected, he will end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we know it, even though we all know none of them are going bankrupt. He calls them “entitlements.” The fact is that people pay taxes for these “earned benefits.” They are not entitlements in any sense of the word.
  • If Mitt Romney is elected, he will overturn Obamacare (even though he signed pretty much the exact same health care reform measure as Governor of Massachusetts) leaving millions of people out in the cold. This would especially impact the elderly, children and women. Nice touch.
  • Mitt Romney has promised to create 12 million jobs. He just hasn’t told us how. Know why? He has no fucking idea how. That’s why. He has no plans. He has no ideas. He has no record. When he was Governor of Massachusetts, the state was 47th in the nation in job creation. It may not have been dead last, but it was damned close.
  • Mitt Romney has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to Iran. The last thing that this country needs is another Middle Eastern war. We’ve poured enough money into illegal, immoral and budget-busting wars over the past eight years. The last thing we need is another war based on misinformation and outright lies. Haven’t we had enough of that yet?

Think twice, folks. I’m afraid this is one of those electoral cycles when we’re forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Mitt Romney is positively not what America needs. We’re still trying to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Bush. If this clown is elected, he will be a catastrophe for this nation.

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