The Time For Gun Control is Now.

We’ve had yet another mass murder with guns, this time in Newtown, Connecticut. I know. I’ve heard all the laments. “Things like this don’t happen here.” Newtown is described as an “idyllic community.” I have, and this is no lie, no less than thirty posts on my Facebook timeline asking me to sign a “national sympathy card” for the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I have read more posts about praying for the people dealing with this tragedy. I have read posts from some crazy ass Americans saying that the “good guys” need to have guns so that they can kill the “bad guys.” What the fuck is this? Frontier America? And according to Mike Huckabee, Newtown happened because we’ve taken God out of our schools. Give me a break. I’ve been told that “today is not the day to discuss gun control.” Really? In a week, this event will go down in ADHD America’s faded memory with Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Aurora theater shooting, and the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin. There have been many, many such killings in this country. We’re upset for a few days, then it’s back to God, guns and beer. We’re pathetic.

Every time gun control is brought up in this nation, people go — forgive the phrase — ballistic. Like, what, if we can’t get guns we’re doomed?  Really? In Japan, only hunters can own guns, and they’ve pretty much managed to eliminate shooting deaths.  The NRA and other gun rights groups in America have done a hell of a job equating gun ownership with freedom and patriotism. Hell, it’s part of our heritage. The NRA’s “Perils of the 21st Century” brochure is designed to increase paranoia about a coming conflict between the government and its citizens, and is designed to increase the sale of assault weapons in America. Remember the wild west? Well, some people think we’re still living in those times. In fact, guns are the most frequent form of conflict resolution in America. The day after the Newtown massacre, a man walked into a hospital in Atlanta and shot three people because he didn’t think his wife was receiving the proper treatment for her condition. I want you to think about that. Great solution. But it’s a solution used time after time in this nation.

One nation under guns In America, there are 90 guns for every 100 citizens. And among the people who admit to owning firearms, more than 62% own more than one. I’m sorry, but that’s crazy. Back in July, I wrote an article on this blog about America’s obsession with guns. Recently, I got a rambling comment on the blog by some guy who was ex-military. He railed on about how he has the right to have a gun to protect his wife and his baby. Now, let’s get real here. How many shootings in this country are the result of somebody protecting his or her family and property? I can tell you it isn’t many. In this country, guns aren’t used as protection in the true sense of the word. They’re used more for killing than protecting. Oh, sure, a gang member may use a gun to protect himself from another gang member. But very few incidences of gun death in America stem from someone defending his family from “criminals.” And this visitor to my blog seemed to think he was entitled to a gun because he was former military. That logic doesn’t wash.

In Newtown, Adam Lanza apparently had some kind of conflict with four of the teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School the day before he committed mass murder. He tried to buy a gun the next day to resolve the conflict, but there was a waiting period. No problem. Lanza just moved to Plan B to resolve his conflict with the teachers. He simply went home and got his mother’s guns: A .223 Bushmaster semiautomatic assault rifle designed for military and law-enforcement use, a Sig Sauer 9-mm semiautomatic handgun, and a 9-mm Glock semiautomatic handgun. Both handguns shoot five bullets per second at a rate of 1,200 feet per second. Lanza shot his mother dead with her own weapons, then went to Sandy Hook and killed 20 innocent children and six teachers. Of the four teachers he had the conflict with, Lanza managed to kill three. The fourth was off that day. Here’s my question: What the hell did his mother need those weapons for? I’m flabbergasted. Those weapons aren’t used for “sport.” They aren’t used to “hunt.” Oh, wait, they are actually used for hunting. They’re used for hunting down people and killing them. In fact, the majority of mass murders in this nation involve semiautomatic handguns or assault rifles.

Here’s another often-heard cliché: “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Bullshit. Guns kill people. People use guns to kill people plenty in this nation. And it isn’t “hunters” gone bad going on shooting sprees either. President Obama’s speech was indeed moving. His speech after Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson was also moving. It’s time for these speeches to stop. It’s time for this president, with the nation behind him, to stand up to the NRA and stop this madness. America had a strict assault weapons ban until it was allowed to expire in 2004 under the Bush regime. There is no need for citizens to ever own assault weapons. I’m agreeing with those who say this isn’t the time to talk about gun control. Talk is cheap. Enough talking. It’s time for gun control. Period.

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  1. Like banks that are protected and tolerated because they are “too big to fail”, the gun proliferation problem is “too big to curtail”. There are simply far too many of them, and when firearms outnumber citizens (and they surely do), then firearms and ammunition win.

    But the guns (and always bigger and more deadly guns) represent a larger problem with the way our society views and values (or does not value) life. If you disagree with someone, or do not like what they have to say? Shoot ’em! That’s the American way. Ask any native American how that system works: we’ve been perfecting it for nearly 350 years.

    Gun ownership in this country is no longer simply a matter of “shoot first and ask questions later”. It has devolved into “shoot first and don’t give it a second thought.”

  2. We have drones flying overhead & cops shooting unarmed blacks dead in streets & homes… Only well armed Amerika has not gone totally fascist because patriots are ready to resist jack boots ruling USA …. REQUIRE ALL FAMILY & friends of aspy or psychotic people PUT THEM ON A NO GUN LIST & face the fact the murdered mom recently took Adam Lanza to a rifle range

  3. Larry, or whomever I’m speaking to, let me just say this: Yes, we have drones flying overhead. And sometimes there are minorities who are shot because the police are out of control Nobody is arguing with that. But nobody in America needs assault weapons. There needs to be comprehensive gun control here.

    I agree that his mother was wrong, not that I want to speak ill of the dead. My point is this: There was a waiting list for a gun. Lanza didn’t have to wait because his mother, who was not psychotic, was stockpiling assault weapons. They were there. He took advantage of that. NOBODY NEEDS ASSAULT WEAPONS.

    Your anti-government paranoia is the kind of shit the NRA absolutely loves.

  4. A nation in fear of itself can only act out in fear. This boy was surrounded by weaponry and prepper ideology. When those two elements collide in an unstable person, fear is the result. As that old boy Churchill said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Too bad he was also a big part of creating a world in which people can’t trust even themselves, let alone their neighbour.

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