Not Only Will the Revolution Not Be Televised, It Will be Downplayed and Lied About

If you haven’t yet figured out that the permanently corrupt establishment Democrats, their boot-licking billionaire sponsors, and the corporate-owned lamestream media are trying to deep six the Sanders revolution, you need to wake up and Occupy Reality.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook these days, and I don’t use Facebook for posting pictures of my pets or my children. I use Facebook to connect with others on the subject of politics, legislation and government…and to commiserate about Feelin’ the Bern. I have been a political junkie all my life, but confess that the second Obama regime rendered me disenfranchised. I never wanted to vote for him a second time, but I bought the line of shit that if I voted Green, I was giving the election to the GOP. I no longer buy that propaganda. That kind of attitude is for people who want to maintain the status quo, and we all see where that has gotten us.

I abandoned the lamestream (read: mainstream) media years ago, and that includes CNN, MSNBC, and any other corporate-owned news outlet either in print or over the airwaves. CNN is a far cry from the upstart, dedicated-to-breaking-news channel depicted in one of my favorite movies, “Live From Baghdad.” That was when CNN was young and bucked old man Bush, who was ordering every news outlet to dummy up and get out of dodge before his annihilation of Iraq. CNN defied the order and kept its newscasters and camera crew there to report the carnage firsthand. Well, that was then and this is now. Now CNN (Cable Network News) is better known as Corrupt Network News or, better still during this election season, Clinton Network News. MSNBC might boast Rachel Maddow, but she has now joined the one percent and is shilling for Hillary. Her counterpart, Chris Matthews, should never be called a journalist. He spends most of his time talking down Sanders and boosting Clinton. Of course, we also recently found out that wifey is running for Congress and is being funded by the same moneybags funding Hillary Clinton. This is clearly a conflict of interest, but today’s media doesn’t really care about those boundaries as long as the money and favors keep rolling in.

On any given day, take a look or give a listen to our lamestream media. What do you see? What you see is corporate-owned, boot-licking talking heads and reporters doing their masters’ bidding, and that means downplaying and discrediting Bernie Sanders as much as possible. Even the morning after Sanders took Michigan from an already-anointed, power-hungry candidate who at one time held a 40-point lead, the lamestream media’s lead-in story about Michigan was that Donald Trump won. He led the opening story; Sanders was an afterthought. Let me put this another way: So intent is the media and its billionaire benefactors in throwing this election to Hillary Clinton that they lead with a story about America’s very own fascist GOP candidate. They’d rather give the press to a fascist than to a candidate who is trying to clean up a most corrupt government by leading the people in a political revolution to take this nation back from the precipice of doom. It is clear that the revolution — which is most assuredly taking place — will not be televised. However, on social media, Bernie Sanders is king, and the real story of the revolution is being told there and it is truly a wonder to behold.

The corrupt DNC, the media and especially Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that Bernie Sanders is a “fringe” candidate. For the media’s part, Sanders is often painted as a wild-haired old Socialist from the inconsequential state of Vermont. Well, here’s something for people to chew on: In spite of the fact that Sanders is no longer in office in Vermont and that several more conservative politicians have followed, there is legislation that passed under Sanders than even the conservatives wouldn’t dare try to repeal. Vermont remains one of the most progressive states in America.

Let’s also clear up what Bernie Sanders is and isn’t. Bernie Sanders isn’t a “commie.” He has described himself for years as a Democratic Socialist. As a responsible citizen, I suggest you might want to educate yourselves rather than listening to the media and the pundits…or even Hillary Clinton, whose campaign continues to lie and misrepresent in an effort to discredit Sanders.

Democratic Socialism

In the Senate, Sanders is an Independent. That’s why you see (I-VT) in close proximity to his name when you see him on television (which is almost never during this particular race, but you can see him on YouTube and CSpan). He is running as a Democrat, has been caucusing with the Democrats for years and, I daresay, has been invaluable to the Democrats in getting legislation passed throughout his career. Of course, in desperation, Clinton throws around the accusation that he’s not even a “real Democrat.” As if she’s a real New Yorker? She isn’t. She moved to New York so that she could run for a Senate seat. She was born in Chicago. Interestingly enough, Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn.

Now, Hillary Clinton has called herself a number of things. She’s called herself, proudly, a
“Centrist.” However, when it suits her politically, she has referred to herself as a “pragmatic progressive.” That essentially means a progressive who makes sure nothing gets done that will upset her financial benefactors. I maintain that Hillary Clinton is not a “real progressive” in any sense of the word. There’s no way she can be. One simply cannot be a progressive and conduct business the way she does. It’s an oxymoron. Hell, by definition, she can barely be called a “liberal.” She’s controllable by the DNC leadership, just like her predecessor, Barack Obama, who was foisted upon us after serving just wo years in the Senate. Odd that the totally bogus allegations that Sanders isn’t qualified continue to bubble up when his career has spanned 32 years of public service with a pretty impressive resumé of accomplishments. By comparison, Clinton offers nine years as a Senator from New York and a few as Obama’s Secretary of State. I’m sorry, but her record as Secretary of State is pretty dismal. Why do the bogus comparisons exist? It simple: The Democratic leadership doesn’t want Bernie Sanders taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because he is not going to play ball. In fact, according to a letter I received from Alan Grayson, the Democratic leadership would like nothing more than to get rid of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. See what he says below:

Let’s face the facts. The corrupt, mendacious Democratic Establishment in Washington has promised Wall Street “no more Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders types in the U.S. Senate.”

In case you were not aware, Representative Alan Grayson, another outsider, is running for Senate. The DNC does not want him winning that race. He could have played it safe as well. Instead, he not only endorsed Bernie Sanders but, as a so-called super-delegate, has pledged his vote to Sanders after asking the American people what they wanted him to do with the vote. The overwhelming choice of the people was Sanders.

The only one who doesn’t have it “wrong” is Senator Bernie Sanders

Believe it. The Democrats have it wrong because they are totally and completely corrupt and unwavering in that corruption, and they haven’t yet figured out that this is exactly what the American people have had enough of. Either that, or they don’t give a shit what the American people want and will continue to do whatever it takes to run counter to the public’s wishes and put in whatever candidate they are sure will protect their corruption. In order to ensure that Clinton is elected, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her cronies rolled back restrictions on lobbyist donations, in direct conflict with what the American people want.

Recently, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) — in spite of being a rising star in the Democratic party — resigned her DNC Vice Chair position in order to endorse Bernie Sanders. In fact, she asserts that she was warned about bucking the establishment on Clinton’s candidacy and was advised not to endorse Sanders. (And you thought this only happened on “House of Cards.”)

A recent article in AlterNet hit the nail on the head right from the get-go. We constantly hear the assertion that the nation is basically “centrist.” That’s exactly what the Clinton Clan wants you to believe to begin with because it was Bill Clinton who moved the Democratic Party away from its progressive roots into the center-right. Frankly, the party has been on a downward spiral ever since. According to the author, it isn’t about the fact that progressives cannot win. That’s a myth. The Democrats lose when they are out out of touch with the American people. Hillary Clinton is out of touch with the American people. Yet, both the DNC and the lamestream media does nothing but discount Sanders’ candidacy. They should do so at their own peril because the more we Sanders supporters read this utter bullshit, the more resolved we become. And so does our candidate.

Then we hear that Sanders is unelectable from publications like The Daily Beast. Of course, if you do some investigation of the source you’ll find that Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of that rag. Of course he’s unelectable. It’s politically expedient to assert that. Yet, poll after poll says just the opposite. In fact, the reality is that Hillary Clinton polls as losing against every Republican while Sanders wins by a landslide. More telling is that Clinton is not viewed as trustworthy, and no candidate in history has had a lower favorability rating than Hillary Clinton.

Honest and trustworthy

The biggest drinkers of the Clinton Kool Aid are her head-in-the-sand (and I’m being nice here; I was thinking their heads were actually somewhere else more unsavory) supporters. I may be dating myself musically, but I refer to Hillary and her supporters as Question Mark and the Hillarians. (Remember the band Question Mark and the Mysterians? They sang the hit “96 Tears,” which is what we’ll all be singing if she’s elected, by the way.) I’m not going to go into detail about Clinton’s character-compromising, money-grabbing campaign and her nefarious doings in this article. You can read about that in two articles I wrote last week by clicking here and here.

Thousands of people have taken the pledge to write in Sanders and not support Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee. I am one of them. This is where the DNC is completely out of touch with the American people. The party simply doesn’t “get” that we’re tired of the establishment way of doing business. It no longer favors the majority. It favors only the wealthiest Americans. There are fewer of them than there are us. Yet, they own the majority of the nation’s wealth. This has not happened by mistake.

People who assert that we must unite the party by whomever wins the Democratic nomination are wrong. That is not what this country needs. That is what we’ve been doing for years, and we don’t want to do that anymore. People who vote that way are people who are held hostage by the corrupt two-party system. That is why the pollsters were wrong about Michigan. They have been polling people based on them doing what they’ve been doing for years. This may have held true in the South, but it will not hold true in the rest of the nation. And let’s remember that in a general election, the South will be a Republican stronghold. Clinton’s dominance is limited to the primaries.

This country needs a radical change, and Bernie Sanders is leading the call. Get on board unless, of course, you actually think that our oligarchy is working fine for you. Because under Hillary Clinton, it’s going to get a whole lot worse…IF she gets past Donald Trump.





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