Clueless Americans and the Cult of Personality

“A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.”

I have literally a ton-shit of material I want to devote this blog to over the next, say, five years…give or take. I have been dormant for a while. I felt as though I was beating a dead horse trying to convince those who were reading this blog at the time that Barack Obama was a sham. There is still that bullshit hero-worship going on with this guy, but I have been vindicated. Barack Obama was as much an installation of the Elites as Hillary Clinton is. But I do not want to digress too far off the mark. There will be so many other posts to come where I can lay that foundation. For now, what I really want to focus on is the American people, for this is truly as much our fault as it is the fault of the corrupted cockroaches that slime their way through the Capitol every single day.

I’m making it my first post because I feel I must respond to one of the most ridiculous Facebook posts I’ve ever seen in my life. After First Lady Michelle Obama’s convention speech, someone with a brain the size of a pea spouted: “Michelle 2024!” So, hold the fuck on here. Let’s see, 2024. Oh, right! Clinton automatically gets two terms. Hell, if Obama got two; she has to get two. Wouldn’t want to be accused of rampant sexism now, would we? No, sir. And then, we can install Michelle Obama. What a great idea!

Now, people can laugh at this, but we have a real problem in America. The American people are susceptible to the “cult of personality” like no other nation in the world. I don’t know what it is. I’m not a psychologist. But what I am is politically active, knowledgeable, investigative, nosy, an observer of both the left and right, and an equal opportunity critic. I suggest to everyone in America that if they want to understand the  core reason for our descent into this corrupt, crime-infested mess, we need only to look in the mirror. As Americans, we have failed in our civic duties.

Nobody is watching the hen house.

I am online every single day. I spend time on Facebook. I spend time on Twitter. And I spend time everywhere in between researching material. My obsession since Bernie Sanders announced his run for the presidency has been just that. The Democratic primaries. From about April, 2015, to now, I have read billions of posts and Tweets. I have noticed how some people just live in an alternate reality. People who claim that Barack Obama is the “greatest president in American history.” I mean, seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? No. You’re not. Not by a long shot.

I truly believe that the American people have relinquished control over their government willingly. And I believe that this happened in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, not that the American people were ever great at accepting their responsibility as citizens to begin with. The American people’s tacit approval of the Patriot Act was one of the biggest mistakes in American history, and was built out of abject fear. We relinquished our rights as citizens in order to be more “safe.” Pathetic. And our lawmakers were only too willing to have this happen. They painted themselves as true patriots who wanted to protect the American people. What a crock of shit. And our absolute submission driven by fear was a dream come true for the bottom feeders in Washington. I’m not going to go into the theories surrounding the 9-11 attacks in this piece. That’s not the purpose of this. However, I will go into it at a later date.

The American people aren’t watching the hen house, that’s for sure. The dirtbags on both sides of the aisle are policing themselves. “Good grief,” in the immortal words of Charlie Brown. And the press? Forget it. The press is all corporate-owned. We see what the big corporations want us to see and nothing more. In fact, they make shit up and feed it to us on a daily basis. At one time the press was referred to as The Fourth Estate. It’s supposed to be one of the key elements of the checks and balances that keep our government honest. Forget about that. As we have seen this election cycle, the media colluded with both the Clinton campaign and the DNC to rig the elections in favor of Hillary Clinton.

When the shit finally hit the fan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz became the scapegoat. Hey, don’t believe for a minute that I think her demise wasn’t deserved. It sure was. But DWS didn’t operate in a vacuum. I don’t know whose Democratic party this is right now. Is it Obama’s or is it Clinton’s? What I do know is that there isn’t a hell of a lot of difference between the two.  Barack Obama, as a sitting president, endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s re-election to the Senate. This was highly unusual considering that she is a six-term congresswoman in Florida, and should not have needed this help. And this was before this mess with the DNC, where she was the centerpiece in the rigged election controversy with Bernie Sanders, and where she resigned in disgrace.  Things can only get worse for little Debbie from here. right?

Wrong. Within hours of her stepping down as the chair of the DNC, she was hired by the Clinton campaign as the honorary chairperson of the 50-state campaign. While people can argue that this is a bullshit position with no power, the fact that she was immediately picked up by the Clinton campaign does more than just give the impression that the DNC is okay with cheating, lying, disenfranchising voters and rigging an election. Hillary Clinton clearly rewarded Wasserman Schultz for her fine efforts to ensure her coronation. The “thinking people,” those who actually question authority and look beyond the fanfare, are pissed off. I am certainly one of them, but many Americans are too caught up in the drama and the romance of politics.

In America, it’s image and words, not deeds, that matter.

“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.” That’s a refrain from a Fleetwood Mac song. And the American people might as well be singing it to the Democratic Party. That’s because the loyal Democrats in this nation refuse to face the fact that their party has now eclipsed the corruption levels of the GOP. When Barack Obama stood up on the stage at the convention and urged people, “Don’t boo. Vote,” I was actually looking for something heavy to throw at the screen. But people cannot get enough of this guy because of the vast cult of personality that surrounds him.

Here stands the de facto head of the Democratic party, telling people to vote instead of booing, yet he stood silent while his party indulged in deception and fraud. Voter registrations were mysteriously changed, people were deliberately directed to the wrong voting locations, boxes of votes were stuck in back rooms and left uncounted, voting machines were hacked, and exit polls showed vast irregularities. The Democratic Party’s solution to the exit poll issue, by the way, was to cancel them so that nobody could actually measure the level of discrepancy. The Wikileaks emails prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was collusion against Bernie Sanders to throw this election in Clinton’s lap, and there is no way that Debbie Wasserman Schultz did this in a vacuum; this happened on Barack Obama’s watch and he could care less. It has also been revealed that the DNC was running a play-to-play operation designed to reward wealthy donors with appointments. At the very least, Obama should fire every single DNC employee, and restaff from the ground up. He has the power to do that; he doesn’t have the political will to do it because Barack Obama doesn’t have to care.

He knows that the American public will give him a pass. American politicians don’t have to walk the walk. They just have to be eloquent speakers who talk the talk. And he’s all that. But that’s about all he is. Talk. And when he talks, America swoons. Yet, Barack Obama’s legacy (or lack thereof) does not appear to support the allegation that he is one of the greatest, at least not by traditional Democratic Party standards. Be warned. This version of the Democratic Party is long gone.

Let’s look at the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) debacle. Barack Obama promised to have the most transparent administration in history. What a joke. The TPP has been negotiated by the President in private with no input from the American people. It is a disaster in the making on a number of levels and is a threat to Democracy. I learned about what was actually in it for the first time from Wikileaks. Do not ever kid yourself. We need Wikileaks in this nation, regardless of which political party is in power. The Democrats and the Republicans are now two sides of the same coin. They keep a separate name so we have the illusion of choice.

Barack Obama called whistleblowers “patriots” and promised greater protections…except when the whistleblowers are blowing the whistle on his administration. In fact, Obama has used the Espionage Act more than all other administrations combined. Witness Chelsea Manning, serving thirty-five years, for that pesky little video that showed our military personnel in an Apache helicopter killing 11 unarmed people, which included a Reuters camera man, as well as unarmed men, women and children. That’s an inconvenient truth. We have Edward Snowden, living life on the run, who revealed that the NSA has been spying on American citizens. And no. This is not a George W. Bush program. This is now an Obama administration program. He just isn’t as eager to use it when his Secretary of State is declassifying documents, removing them from their secure location, and emailing them back and forth on an unsecured private server. Even if it’s nothing more than being “careless and reckless,” it’s a violation of the Espionage Act. You clearly don’t have to worry if you’re an insider.

Barack Obama’s drone warfare program is unconscionable, as evidenced by the dump of documents published by Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept. Says the source, a whistleblower who was growing concerned by the government’s method of targeting individuals for death, “This outrageous explosion of watchlisting—of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield—it was, from the very first instance, wrong.”

Our illustrious POTUS, who laughingly received the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 (his inauguration year), has managed to use drone warfare more than his predecessor, George W. Bush. Drones have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and now Syria. While the Obama administration wants to assure you of their accuracy, the fact is that they are inaccurate and kill innocent people 90% of the time. As a nation, we do this with reckless abandon all in the name of protecting ourselves from terrorists and, when we kill innocents, Barack Obama thinks an apology should suffice. We’ve even hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital with no ramification. This administration is no better than the Bush administration. In fact, on this count, the Obama administration is like the Bush administration on steroids.

All style, no substance.

But Americans don’t seem to care. The pain and suffering his program causes doesn’t affect them. They see Barack Obama doing the ‘mic drop’ routine, waltzing around in his Wayfarers, smiling and laughing, and he’s the best president we’ve ever had. We post photos and stories of his family and declare that they are one of the most “together” and functional families on the planet, but nobody really knows the Obamas. The know the image. People have no idea what goes on when the lights go off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at night, and nobody knows what went on before they took up residence at that location. People post pictures of him holding a baby like he’s the first president to ever do it and mean it. Wake up. They all do it. It’s like one of the most hackneyed photo ops in American political history. And that’s all it is. Guess what? Barack Obama’s drone warfare program has killed women and children throughout the Middle East. But the fact is that Americans don’t care about that because it isn’t happening in their own backyards. And Americans still cannot make the logical connection: The more we as a nation act like terrorists ourselves, the more terrorists are going to target us. Get used to it.

So, when I see posts like “Michelle 2024,” I frankly get pissed off. Yes, she’s classy. She dresses beautifully, and she’s an eloquent speaker. That’s all she is unless you’re a clueless American who wants to put her in the White House in eight years. We don’t have to worry about her positions on topics of concern, or what kinds of programs she might introduce, or her foreign policy experience because she’s Michelle Obama and she looks real good on stage.

Hey, remember when everyone was pissing and moaning that Bernie Sanders didn’t have the foreign policy experience that Hillary Clinton has? Remember that? Well, guess what. That doesn’t hold water because Barack Obama had less. His “experience” prior to the presidency was an unfinished first term as the junior Senator from Illinois. Michelle Obama will have even less, but that doesn’t matter to the clueless Americans.

And now, the Democratic Party is offering up one of the most corrupt, entitled, lying sack-of-shit candidates for us to rally around. But it doesn’t matter to the clueless Americans who are her supporters. Hey, she’s breaking the glass ceiling. And besides, we can distract everyone away from how hideous a candidate she is by vilifying Donald Trump. The only person who is less popular than Hillary Clinton, in fact, is Donald Trump. We have a choice between a criminal and a clown in 2016. It’s like asking us which electrical socket we’d like to put our wet fingers in, upper or lower. It doesn’t matter to Demapologists and Clintonistas that their party and candidate colluded to destroy Sanders’ candidacy. They just want to win at all costs. That way we can say that the Democrats gave us our first black president followed by our first female president, proving that it’s a progressive organization. What a joke. Both Obama and Clinton are corporatists. By definition, you can’t be a corporatist and a progressive. It simply doesn’t work no matter what your race or gender is.

The next time you want to know how this nation got this messed up, I suggest you go look in the mirror. The American people long ago relinquished their civic duties, and began to trust our politicians to “do the right thing.” This isn’t all on them. It’s on us. People do to you what you allow them to do. And please, just remember as you go out to vote for Hillary Clinton in November that you are condoning cheating, corruption and lying in government. You are installing someone who has shown little interest in the rule of law, human life, integrity, and trustworthiness.

















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  1. Not a cult of personality: he has none. Cult of crass insipidness is more like it. Hillary is a blank white page of empty platitudes.

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