Guilt and Fear Have No Place in a Revolution

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I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Ever since Hillary Clinton was formally installed this past week, I’ve seen a pretty steady stream from the Clintonistas about how we either have to,

  1. Unite behind the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in order to save America from Donald Trump, or
  2. Grow up, stop acting like babies and face reality if we want to save our country from Donald Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton.

In fact, the Democrats could well be accused of giving Donald Trump his own reality television show. We know how Americans eat that shit up.

Now, I hear the rumors out there that, at the end of the day, all of us Sanders revolutionaries are going to come around and unite, fall in line, conform, and utter the magic words “I’m with her,” behind Clinton. I was in Philly. I wouldn’t bet on that. There are definitely going to be people who were never really serious about a revolution. They will defect back into the belly of the beast. There’s no question about that. These are the people, although unhappy with the situation, can find a way to fit into conformity so that it doesn’t bother them so much. Many of these people are probably not in either an unstable or desperate financial situation. Then, there’s the rest of the population who are unhappy and see no future for themselves within this continual series of corporatist candidates and Wall Street-owned agendas. We’re done.

We are the people who don’t do guilt or fear. You can’t make us feel guilty about abandoning the Democrats because, in fact, the Democratic Party abandoned its base back when Hillbilly was president. This magical transformation of the party from its beginnings as protector of the poor and middle class into corporate bootlicker whose sole reason for being is to serve the global Elites has been in the works for a long time, though. It’s just coming to fruition now. We’re tired of the lectures about “abandoning” the party and showing no “party loyalty.” We don’t buy it. The Democratic Party has done nothing to earn our loyalty and support.

The key point that we get that the Hillarians do not get is that we are not here to serve them. The bottom feeders slithering through the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill are there to serve us. We elect them. We pay their salaries and health care. In effect, we are their bosses. For too long we have been either totally ignorant of or afraid to exercise the power that we have. The Democrats have lost our loyalty, and now we need to take control in order to change things for the better.

Now, onto the fear portion of the program. Am I afraid of Donald Trump? No. Am I disgusted by him? Yes. I think he’s a Class A Buffoon and a World Class Moron. A Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster because it would result in our solidifying our crown as the world’s laughing-stock. Who could take us seriously? It’s like us taking the Nobel Peace Prize seriously now that Barack Obama has spent the better part of his regime annihilating people throughout the Middle East. Personally, I could care less whoever wins that award again. It will forever be a joke to me. I will never allow fear to dictate my vote again.

There Sure is Some Fear, But It’s Mostly Loathing on the Campaign Trail in 2016

I have reasons why I vote for certain people and reasons why I will not vote for certain people. None of those reasons are based on guilt and fear. They are based on facts. They are based on a candidate’s history and policies. They are based on deeds, not words. Talk is cheap, as we’ve seen with Barack Obama. There is no question that he is a brilliant orator but, contrary to all those memes calling him the greatest of all time, Barack Obama has been a terrible president. Once inaugurated, he abandoned the majority of his campaign positions, instead instituting a series of band aids to quiet the unhappy masses. Although he promised to reign in Wall Street and punish those who destroyed the economy, he did neither. His “reform” of Wall Street was smoke and mirrors, and nobody was held accountable for the biggest economic crash since the Great Depression. In fact, it was business as usual for two solid terms and now we face another potential crash and government bail-out for the banksters. Hillary Clinton is selling herself as someone who will continue Obama’s policies, and I’m sure she will. That’s the problem.

There will be no progressive agenda under Clinton, no matter what she’s saying. The platform is being referred to as “the most progressive in Democratic party history.” I don’t view it as a progressive platform at all, so that will tell you how pathetic the Democratic party platform has been in the past. The platform is totally non-binding. It’s not an operating plan. And as we’ve seen, campaign promises do not have to be kept. Hell, Clinton knows she’ll be fine if she abandons her promises because the average American voter’s attitude is, “Hey, every politician does that.”

I already had a lengthy list of reasons why I’d never vote for Hillary Clinton, and a history of voting against her. I didn’t vote for her in 2008 either. If she wins in 2016, and runs again in 2020, I won’t cast a vote for her then either. Some of the issues are that she’s a warlord whose claim to foreign policy fame is the debacle her policies have created in the Middle East. To go along with that, I refuse to accept her as a “feminist” when her global destruction results in the death of so many innocent women and children. Her entire campaign has been built off the blood money of Wall Street, the corporations and the banks that have destroyed so many lives here. Are we seriously supposed to believe she’s just going to reign in this legalized bribery and effect widespread election reform? That’s never happening.

Tim Kaine, her choice for VP, is anything but progressive. And hey, it’s not that I even believe she’d be “progressive” if Elizabeth Warren were on the ticket. I don’t. We all know that the position of VP doesn’t really hold much clout in this nation. And I doubt that Elizabeth Warren could stand up to Clinton’s intimidating bullshit. My take on the selection of Tim Kaine is that Clinton is thumbing her nose as us, the progressives she holds in so much disdain. The Clintons and the DNC do not want progressives in the party. We’re just endangering their gravy train. Added to all these position and policy problems is that the law doesn’t apply to the Clintons and that the Democratic Party itself is corrupt to the core, and you have a deal breaker for me.

I will not vote for a woman who either willfully violated the Espionage Act, or was too stupid to understand exactly what her responsibilities were with state secrets while she was Secretary of State. Either way, it makes her unfit for the job of commander-in-chief in my mind. And as for the DNC leaks exposed by Wikileaks, I will not give my vote to a candidate or my loyalty to a party that colluded with the lamestream media to put the fix in on an election. And please, don’t insult us by telling us nothing was rigged. Forcing people to declare loyalty to a party to cast a vote is patently un-American, first of all. Add to it the fact that people’s voter registrations were mysteriously changed or non-existent, that polling locations were closed at the last minute forcing people in several states to stand in line for five hours or more, allowing Bill Clinton to show up at polling places with a fucking megaphone (when the voters couldn’t even wear T-shirts depicting their candidate of choice) in violation of election laws, boxes of ballots in back rooms left uncounted, the DNC cancelling exit polls, and hacked machines where votes disappear and you’d have a hard time making a case for a clean election.

And Finally, Stop Insulting Us

We know you believe you’re telling us some earth-shattering news when you remind us that Jill Stein hasn’t a chance in hell of winning. Guess what? We know that. What we are doing now is working toward a better future, a future that will make this nation equitable for all people. We have very clear goals for this election cycle. Let’s get Jill Stein up to 15% polling so that she can get on the stage with Clinton and Trump, and then let’s build from there.We’re out to do more than “send a message” to the Democrats or “punish” Hillary Clinton. We’re out to tear this system down and build a new system that works for the 99%. We know that’s not what the Democrats want, but this isn’t about the party. This is about the people.

And yes, we are actively ¬†encouraging people to leave the Democratic Party. That’s what #DemExit is all about. Nothing changes unless we the people make it change. The people in power right now have no intention of making the changes necessary, and they must go. This choke-hold on Democracy that is perpetrated by the duopoly has got to be broken. The corruption isn’t coming from a “few bad apples.” It’s systemic and it goes from top to bottom. The only way this changes is if we stop buying into this corrupt system. That’s what we’re doing, and none of us believe that there can ever be a revolution from within a corporate-owned counter-revolutionary party.

Apparently the DNC didn’t get the memo we sent out a while ago now. You know, the one that told you that buying and selling our democracy was unacceptable. The revolution is on, and there’s no place for fear and guilt in a revolution.






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  1. First of all, nobody can “make” you feel guilty. That is a state of mind one adopts willingly, usually after being “shamed”, which is a national pastime. And shaming is just another form of bullying. It’s disgraceful and cowardly. And we allow it all of the time, because so many of of us are “afraid”, which is, of course, fear.

    Fear of just about everything which is not white, male, heterosexual, caucasian and gun-toting, has been the rule of the land since 9/11, even before 9/11, ever since the dumbfuck W, the idiot Rumsfeld and the driving force behind the GOP and is now the operative tool of the Damnocrats.

    Bernie got steamrolled by the DNC and the banksters. Jill Stein is a great (white) hope but is destined to be flattened in the same manner. Right now she is just being tolerated, because she is not a threat to the bankers.

    We need to make sure that Bernie’s “revolution” does not wither and die from national apathy. We’ve seen that happen with Nader a dozen times.

    Democracy died in the U.S. when the banks took over and we all fell for the notion of “exceptionalism”, after WWII. It has been said that “democracy is a good idea, and someone should try it, sometime”. Instead we pervert the notion and attempt to import it to other countries through financial bullying and military intimidation. And we are losing. Period.

    Our infrastructure is a disaster. Our military is too big and clumsy. Our elected officials are all bought and paid for. Our police forces do not protect and serve, they bully and intimidate. Racism is rampant, despite our saying that “lives matter”.

    There is another saying: “The difference between democracy here and democracy in France is that here we fear the government, and in France the government fears the people.” Do you think the likes of Mitch McConnel is afraid of us? Don’t kid yourself.

    I refuse to feel guilty and I’m really tired of being afraid.

    I think it was Thomas Jefferson, who admonished us that(I’m paraphrasing, sorry), “when an institution gets established and set in its’ ways, it’s time to burn down the building and start over again”.

    Stop feeling guilty. Stop being afraid. Get pissed off. Start up a movement to call of this sham presidential election and start over. Tell both “parties” that they obsolete, old and in the way, anti-democratic. And if they can’t do any better than this crap they are handing us, they should go the hell home and let some adults take over.

    The two conventions were just theatre. Somebody should pull back the curtain of deception and reveal the two wizards of oddity and status quo. It’s time to stop whining and start thinking. Read some Howard Zinn. Read some Ted Rall.

  2. Very well stated. I hope Democrats will read this and understand that no, we really aren’t going to “fall in line”!

  3. Until we sense
    We will not have

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