The Cheaters’ Lament

duopoly-one-party-chomskyOh, boo fucking hoo on the Democratic Party. They’re worried. Yep. Rumor has it that Democratic Party operatives are worried about what kind of “image” it might project or what kind of “message” it might send about Hillary Clinton when the Clinton Global Initiative hosts its yearly playground of political access from September 19-21. Needless to say, one of the things they’re worried about is giving Donald Trump more ammunition against “Crooked Hillary” just one week before their first scheduled debate.

Even Robert Reich weighed in on his Facebook page:

“Why don’t they see this as a problem? From September 19 through 21, hundreds of corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities who have each paid a $20,000 membership fee will hobnob with Bill and Chelsea Clinton at this year’s meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative – the sprawling global charity that has accepted donations from Middle Eastern governments, foreign businessmen with checkered histories, and major corporations with business before the government.

The event comes just one week before the first national debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and seven weeks before Election Day.

The Clintons plan to sever all ties to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative if Hillary becomes president. But why wait? Why risk giving Trump fresh ammunition to criticize Hillary for her ties to big money from around the world? Yes, she has a comfortable lead over Trump, but why take any risk?

What do you think?”


I’m sorry, but Reich’s entire approach is flawed. The continued ‘why take any chances’ approach with this shitstorm of a Democratic primary only proves that not one person in Hillary Clinton’s court is concerned with what’s right and wrong…only how things will “play” in the court of public opinion. In other words, for those of you who still really don’t get it, they don’t give a shit about YOU. It’s your VOTE they care about. But wait. There’s more.

Reich wants to know why the Clintons don’t see this as a problem. It’s their ethics, Robert. It’s as simple as that. It’s not wired completely on either of them. They failed to wrap that very last wire in their characters. Bill, Hill, and Chill really don’t see it as a problem because they really don’t care. They are, by some miraculous means, totally protected and insulated by the establishment. Any hint of negative press about The Hildabeast, and they’re all over it with spin like flies on a pile of steaming shit. (Sorry, I can’t think of a better analogy.)

Remember when they used to call John Gotti ‘The Teflon Don’ because they could never quite get the goods on him even though everybody knew there was blood all over his hands? (Ah, they finally did get him, by the way.) Well, Hillary is ‘The Teflon Pawn.’ Yes, ultimately she is a willing participant. She’s a willing participant and she justifies this graft lifestyle of hers as something she’s entitled to. And while she sure has ingratiated herself with the power brokers on Wall Street and in the big banks, and has made herself a fortune that allows her to hang out with the wealthiest Americans in all walks of life, she is still just a pawn. She’s an owned politician doing the bidding of those who now get to pull the strings because they’ve lined her pockets. It’s as simple as that. Hey, when you’ve been able to get away with the shit the Clintons have been able to get away with over the years, why worry now? Or maybe they’re going for broke here.

So, therefore, I’m now asking both the Democrats and Robert Reich the big push-back question: What made you think any of this would matter to the Clintons? I’m curious to know why they think this question must continue to be asked. It is rhetorical? Is there some other point? Because it is clear that the Clintons care about very little where ethics, laws, or rules apply. None of those criteria apply to them. We’re talking about a woman who decided on her own to take classified government information out of its secure environment and place it on an unencrypted, private server in her fucking basement. Whether or not it was for “convenience” or more nefarious reasons (my personal choice for motive) makes no damned difference.

We’re talking about a party that worked in tandem with the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media to torpedo Bernie Sanders. We’re talking about a party that is now definitively linked to voter fraud (machines being flipped, ballots left uncounted, party affiliations being switched, voter registrations just plain missing). Polling locations closed without any warning, and voters being purposely directed to the wrong voting stations. Don’t try to spin it. The voters have spoken out about these allegations, and they have been confirmed. As for the Clinton stuff, there are emails out there that prove the allegations, and Vladimir Putin didn’t sit by candle light making this shit up on his computer. So, when the DNC whines, I have no empathy whatsoever for the cheater’s lament.

I find it impossible to feel any of the Democratic Party’s pain, because they brought this pain on themselves. The party chose to prop up a corrupt candidate who is owned lock, stock and barrel by the very entities that created the 2008 financial debacle. But hey, don’t be surprised by that, because Barack Obama has taken this fledgling corruption within the Democratic Party and has expanded it exponentially in his eight year reign. That was the plan. He put a couple of band aids on the gaping corruption wound of Wall Street to keep us quiet. Frankly, it has been pretty much business usual, with the money shuckers playing fast and loose with middle America’s money. We should all be very afraid of that fact because many people in the know think we’re not far from a repeat performance.

I know how you Demapologists are. Do not feel guilty that you do not feel their pain, because they don’t feel our pain. Remember when Hillary Clinton says it, that’s just candidate talk so you’ll feel good about her. You know, she’s cut from the same cloth. She and Bill were poor (after spending millions defending themselves in various fraud and corruption investigations). The Clintons haven’t got a fucking clue, and they don’t want a clue. They just want to be able to talk smack and have us believe. (Which we do. A lot. Because it’s actually easier than vetting your candidate or looking at the corruption in your chosen party. That takes work.) I am free of this election, so I’m feeling good.

My party abandoned me along with the rest of the 99% several years ago and, from what I can see, they’re not coming back. So, I’m done declaring loyalty to any of these shysters. In fact, I’m dedicating the rest of my days to opening up this Democracy. It’s time for the stranglehold that Club Duopoly has on our nation to end.


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  1. This is a very astute analysis. I would love to follow your blog but am too much of a computer moron to figure out how to do so without registering at Word Press — and since I have no intention of starting a blog myself, setting one up seems foolish. Please let me know how I can receive notifications of future blog posts! Caron Cadle, Gainesville, FL

  2. Wikileaks guy better watch his back!!!!!😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

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