Revolution is not a spectator sport


This post was inspired by one simple act. It was inspired by a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who chose not to stand up during the National Anthem. With that one simple act of civil disobedience, the Internet exploded. Americans, with their usual chest-banging American exceptionalism attitude, were out for blood. It’s pretty telling, of course, that I never see that kind of visceral response when the NFL chooses to levy a one-game suspension on a player who physically abuses his wife or girlfriend. Where’s the outrage then? But that’s a different topic for a different post. And you can bet it’ll be covered down the road.

Suffice it to say  that I have been saying over and over that this revolution is not going to be waged at the ballot box. It’s not going to be as simple as signing a couple of online petitions (think: Delete) and then going out and voting in the general. No sir. I wish I could tell you it will be that simple. I can’t. Revolution is not a spectator sport. It requires work. It requires sacrifice at times. It requires not doing the “right thing” as defined by the establishment politicians. Colin Kaepernick chose not to be a spectator, in spite of the fact that he knew his popularity would take a hit. He should be commended and not reviled because all he did was exercise his Constitutional rights to point out injustice. That’s all that Colin Kaepernick did. Nothing more. He did nothing disrespectful, and he did nothing illegal. Personally, I find him to be more of a patriot than the simpletons who truly believe that picking their collective asses up out of their seats, putting down their beers, and putting their hands over their hearts make them some kind of super patriots. Get a fucking clue. Every day we’re told that our soldiers are fighting to protect our rights. Some of us believe that we have a right to exercise those rights.

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” – Howard Zinn

This is the kind of issue that really gets to me. This is where, I believe, I have the most problem with the American public. We have literally spent days on a subject that is a non-issue. It is a non-issue. Period. Whether the general public who has downed gallons of Patriotic Kool Aid since 9-11 likes it or not, Colin Kaepernick (and now others in the sports arena) is exercising his right as an American to dissent and speak out against his government. That isn’t disrespect. That’s patriotism. When you can look at your country, know that it is not doing the right thing, and stand up, then you can call yourself a patriot. Until then, you are a couch potato, football-watching wanna’ be. Nothing more.

We have literally been talking about this now for days, while the rest of the world explodes around us. More innocent people were killed in Syria as a result of the U.S. drone bombing program. No problem. Obama apologized, like he always does when his supposedly targeted terror-fighting program does it’s job. We’re America. We can do whatever the fuck we want, according to the patriots who stand up and put their hands over their hearts while we play a song that glorifies the killing of slaves (we conveniently took that part out). Under Obama, we’ve charged and/or convicted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all other presidents combined since the law was passed. Remember candidate Obama? He ran as a champion of the whistleblower…as long as the whistle wasn’t being blown on his administration. Ask Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, who are actually patriots for revealing our government’s transgressions both here and abroad. As American citizens, we should expect transparency. If it were not for the leakers and hackers, we’d never know what our government was up to. If you think it’s normal for a government to operate in total secrecy from it’s citizens, then you need extreme psychological help. If you think that buying into that bullshit makes you a patriot, there’s no help or hope for you. Wait. There’s still other stuff that we should be more concerned about than whether or not some sports figures stand up for the national anthem.

In case nobody has noticed, our potential first woman president is a corrupt, money-grabbing, warmonger who also happens to be a law-breaking, pathological liar. These are great credentials if you’re applying for a job with organized crime, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that these are not qualities you want in your leader. As for her opponent, a loud-mouthed, mindless reality TV star that Clinton is barely beating, he’s in line to be the Moron-in-Chief. Nobody likes Donald Trump. His own party holds him in disdain. He’s getting no help from anyone. And that’s why Hillary Clinton is so much more dangerous than Donald Trump. He says bad shit. She does bad shit. In fact, she’s done some of the bad shit he’s said. All of the Republican neocon donors are flocking to Clinton because they know she’ll advance their cause because, pssst, guess what? She’s really not a progressive. To that end, I don’t understand why Hillary Clinton is being sold as the lesser of two evils.

But I digress. And I don’t want to do that right now. I want to talk not about the loser candidates we’re fielding. I want to talk about the American people. I want people to understand that our acting as sheep has gotten us where we are. We abdicated ownership of our government. This was the one job the people had; keep the elected officials in line. Instead, we handed them our job. We allowed the fox to guard the hen-house. And what a fucking mess they’ve made for us while they’ve been lining their own pockets with blood money from Wall Street, big pharma, the banks, and the military-industrial complex while we’ve not paid attention.

Yes, the anniversary of 9-11 is coming and, for some, it will mean endless hours of television watching as the greatest false flag operation in history is replayed for days on end. Do I think there was really a terrorist attack? Yes, I do. Do I think it was an inside job? Yes. I do. We now now all these years later that Pearl Harbor was more than the “official story.” Did the Japanese attack? Yes. But now it has pretty much been confirmed that the United States knew they were coming and allowed it to get the American people psyched up for the war. Don’t you think this government would do that again? Oh, you are very, very naive. Because, somewhere very quickly after the attack, the government managed to write and pass this huge bill called the Patriot Act. I haven’t seen Congress do anything that quickly before. We’re talking about a 342-page bill that effectively compromised 15 of our laws already on the books. We are talking about a bill that literally stripped the American people of many of their rights, including due process. The fact is, folks, that the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act were both planned BEFORE 9-11. This was all part of the plan to advance the agenda of the corrupt duopoly. There is simply no fucking way that a guy in a cave with a laptop managed to pull this off without inside help. Not possible. Instead of listening to the talking heads, get busy and start looking into the entire event yourself. The proof is out there. Connect the dots.

“After we were hit on September 11, 2001, we were in a state of national shock. Less than six weeks later, on October 26 2001, the U.S.A. Patriot Act was passed by a Congress that had little chance to debate it; many said that they scarcely had time to read it.” -Naomi Wolf

I know in my heart of hearts that there are many people out there like me, willing now to stand up and take this government back. There is only Democracy  when the government fears the people; there is no democracy when the people fear the government. In plain English, we need to make the government fear us. The only way we do that is to take to the streets and be seen and heard. We are well past the time of online petitions. We need to all be trained in the use of civil disobedience, one of our most potent forms of protest. The lamestream media may have played it down, but there was serious action going on at the Democratic Convention.

The bad news is that I also know in my heart of hearts that there are a lot of people out there who would rather just keep venting on Facebook, signing online petitions, and waiting for someone else to do the hard stuff. Unfortunately for you, the Revolution is not a spectator sport. We need to be seen and heard, and that requires being on the street. If you want to put Jill Stein on the map, then you need to do more than post on Facebook. You need to do “stand outs” with signs and try to engage people. School is back in. Contact college campuses and see if you can steal a few hours to talk to students. I’m also not saying don’t sign any online petitions, but I am saying that can’t be the end of it. Every legislator has a “Delete” button on his computer, and you’d best believe they make use of it. But if they were swamped with two million pieces of handwritten and typed snail mail on, say, the topic of TPP or demanding a full investigation into the Clinton Foundation, it would be difficult to ignore. It would certainly get the message across.

Then, there are those who choose to continue on as we have been. I fear that we will not have enough time to make people see the truth before they are fully living the nightmare that is being created for us. If we are silent, then we are complicit in creating that nightmare. If you truly believe that the government is good and it cares about us all, and all we should be doing is following blindly, standing at the sound of the national anthem, putting our hands over our hearts, and cheering as we slash and burn our way across the Middle East killing more innocent than guilty, then you just might be beyond hope. The rest of us would rather not go there quietly with you.






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  1. Because our “democratic” system is broken and undemocratic, people no longer elect politicians, money does, and politicians no longer work for people but work to be re-elected. Both presidential contestants are mind-numbingly bad (but both for different reasons), but the real culprits are those who make up the Congress. They gridlock, threaten,think backwards, engage in naval gazing, collect large salaries, do very little work and thwart most normal efforts to improve civility and the quality of life. As long as we have a national congress which behaves in this manner, the position of POTUS means little in the long run. But we elected them and we must do our duty to un-elect them. Regulate the banks, stick a knife in the heart of uncontrolled military spending and nation-meddling, enact term limits on Congress, feed the people real food and demand single payer health care.

    The problem with our government is that it is sedentary. It is a policy avoidance couch potato. All the governments of the world are in transition, in turmoil and in flux (some for good reasons, some not) and ours is sitting on its’ ass.

    Both POTUS candidates represent different forms of maintaining the status quo, one more heinous than the other. And the Congress will help them accomplish that non-accomplishment. It’s time to realize that the baby and the bathwater need to go out the window because the baby is moronic and the water has become toxic.

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