The Democratic Party is on life support and ‘we the people’ need to pull the plug


I’m watching the death of the Democratic Party happen in slow motion. In fact, it’s happening way too slowly. We the people could help the process along by walking away from the party. Lord knows, the Democrats surely do not deserve anybody’s loyalty at this stage of the pitiful game. When I talk about this to people, their response invariably is, “What about the Republicans?” Indeed. What about the Republicans? The GOP has never claimed to be anything but a party of the one percent. They are quite transparent. The Democrats? They are the snakes in the grass. They pretend to be a party of the 99% while they slowly turn the screws on We the Sheeple. However, by now, the people should be more than just a little suspicious about the Democrats. In fact, pissed off, angry, outraged and disgusted are all appropriate feelings.

At this point, there is no denying that the Democratic party intentionally usurped the will of the people by stealing the primary from Bernie Sanders. In fact, WikiLeaks confirmed that there was widespread collusion between the Clinton camp, the DNC and the mainstream media to rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. In the meantime, new allegations are coming to light in Philadelphia where the Democratic winner in a recent special election is under investigation for “electioneering, voter suppression and voter intimidation” in his run-off against Green Party candidate Cheri Honkala. The Democrats seem to be jumping into the corruption cesspool head first.

If that isn’t enough, the Democratic party’s defense against the class action suit brought by two Sanders’ supporters should be enough ensure the party’s demise. In the lawsuit, husband and wife attorneys Jared and Elizabeth Beck, allege that the DNC violated its own charter (Article V, Section 4), which states that its chairperson “shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns” by tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton. Their suit states that anybody who donated money to the DNC with the expectation of impartiality had been defrauded. They have plenty of evidence to support their allegation, from conspiring to schedule the debates in Clinton’s favor, to Donna Brazile giving debate questions to the Clinton camp while working for CNN, to the suggestion by the DNC’s Chief Financial Officer that Sanders’ loosely defined religious beliefs be used against him.

While one would expect the Democrats to mount a strong defense, the party took the phrase ‘callous indifference’ to a whole new level. Their defense is an insult to everyone who has ever loyally supported them, and should be enough to drive away any blind loyalists that might be left. Speaking only for myself, the DNC defense is nothing but a big flip off to its base. Its lead attorney argued that the DNC is a private organization and its impartiality clause is a discretionary rule that it did not need to be adopted in the first place. The breaking of its own rules is basically a private matter and for the court to interfere would violate the DNC’s first amendment rights. Seems to me we’ve heard that kind of twisted argument before. In my mind, if corporations are not people, neither are political parties. That being said, even if the Democrats do find themselves on solid legal footing because of ill-defined parameters about private groups involved in public elections, their defense only further exposes their callous indifference to those who remain loyal to the party. This added on top of everything else the party elite have pulled since Trump’s election should spell its death knell.

It may be tough to swallow, but let’s face the fact that the Democratic Party’s “resistance”’ to Trump has been well, impotent at best. The party clearly has Electile Dysfunction (heretofore to be referred to as ED if ever mentioned again) and there is, unfortunately, no pill for this poor performance. It started right after the election when it decided to lay the groundwork for the Russia narrative. We are in the same place we were under George W. Bush with the government trying to manipulate and/or fabricate the evidence to fit the narrative. That’s exactly what our government did to justify the whole invasion of Iraq. You would think the American people could find the small “critical thinking” node in their brains to help them through this one, but no chance. The stakes are much higher this time around. We are talking about two nuclear powers here, and the Democrats are so self absorbed that they would risk reigniting the cold war to achieve its domestic goals. Let that sink in, people.

While Bernie Sanders dutifully works at herding the sheeple back into the party, the Democrats continue to stick it to him. The Sanders-Democrat alliance is an odd one unto itself, but far be it from his loyal followers to even question it. Sanders supported Keith Ellison for head of the DNC. When he announced in November of 2016, Ellison brought some solid endorsements. Obama was having none of that and brought his own operative into the picture the following month. Enter Tom Perez, a solid establishment man who will ensure they retain a strong grip on the party and neuter any real power Sanders might have. This is the party that Bernie Sanders is propping up, yet we’re supposed to continue to believe in his populist message. It simply doesn’t make sense on any level.

The GOP recently overturned the Affordable Care Act by the narrowest of margins, which opened up a perfect opportunity to push for single payer. That is not, however, what the Democrats are doing. They are, instead, putting it on the back burner so that they can focus on defeating the GOP and they need a united front to accomplish that. What a crock. What ‘we the people’ need is a party that champions our needs and our causes, and that party is not the Democratic party. What part of the message did the Democrats not get last November, do you suppose? How about the one where their anointed candidate completely ignored the very existence of the 99%, let alone policies that might mean something to them. The Democratic Party didn’t just lose. They lost on a grand scale; local, state and national. Those losses are completely on them, not on the voters.

Allow me to apologize in advance if I insult anyone as I write this article but, by now, it should be apparent that the Democratic Party has fully turned its back on its base and now serves the same puppet masters as their fraternal twins across the aisle. I say ‘fraternal’ twins because the Democrats give themselves the veneer of progressive politics by allowing us to keep our abortion and LGBT rights. (The are also smart enough to know that they can’t win without gays and women, something that is still lost on our GOP buddies.) Still, it is only a cheap veneer; not the real thing. Single payer is on the back burner because the Democrats don’t want it any more than the GOP does. We already know that neither Nancy Pelosi nor Dianne Feinstein support single payer. Hillary Clinton didn’t support it as a candidate, and her mind hasn’t changed.

This is the crux of the problem with our political system. The duopoly is irreparably corrupted. Our ‘elected public servants’ spend very little time actually working for the people. Instead, they distract the people so that they can continue to serve those who line their pockets. Every four years we are invited to go to exercise our civic duty and play whack-a-mole in a voting booth, choosing the least hideous of two candidates. That is how they keep us in line, along with teaching us revisionist history, and feeding us only the “news” they want us to know. To ensure this, they put the purveyors of ‘fake news’ in charge of policing the news. This behavior, I’m afraid, is not reserved for the GOP. The Democrats are now fully on board. There is now no choice. There is only the illusion of choice.

It doesn’t really matter if the two corrupt parties woke up tomorrow and decided to go legit. (That isn’t happening, by the way.) We still need more parties and more ideas. Americans have the right to hear new approaches and new solutions and make a choice. That is where I choose to put my energy. You may decide to put yours into trying to reform the Democratic party from within. (Although I must tell you that no real substantive change happens from within an establishment party.) I suggest to you that the Democrats are not “clueless” as some people suggest. I think they know that they are throwing their base under the bus, and that the base will remain hopeful for a political revolution from within. The Democrats aren’t stupid. They’re corrupt and greedy. There’s a difference. Their loyalists, however, are naive beyond belief.

Like every other political entity, the Democratic Party will not change of its own volition. It has to feel the pain. It’ll be awfully hard to win an election if there’s nobody to vote for you. The behavior of the Democratic Party should be triggering a brand new #DemExit movement. As long as you all remain loyal and line up behind Senator Sanders, there is absolutely no reason for the Democrats to change. The political establishment has you all right where they want you. They get to use Sanders to appear progressive while actually doing very little to disrupt the status quo. Best of all, they get to blame the GOP for their failure.

There is nothing the Democrats fear more than an informed independent voter. And if you think that Senator Sanders doesn’t realize that, you are wrong. That’s why he is counting on you to blindly follow him around like a herd of sheep.


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