Hillary Clinton’s Worldwide War on Women and Children


On Tuesday, December 5, the plebes of Boston will once again be graced with the presence of Hillary Clinton. She just blew through town on her “Snivel and Blame Tour,” but she’s coming back one more time to get an award from the Big Sister Association. Apparently, Big Sister views Hillary Clinton as some kind of superhero who “stands up for girls” or some such propaganda. In fact, here is what was reported by masslive.com in its coverage of the Tuesday event:

“Throughout her career, first as an attorney, then First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and 2016 U.S. presidential candidate, Secretary Clinton has continually advocated for the health and safety of women and Girls,” the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston wrote. “From persistently spotlighting wage gaps to securing family leave policies and protecting women’s health via legislation, Secretary Clinton has led a decades-long focus on creating a better, more equitable world.”

Frankly, Hillary Clinton is the last person who should be receiving such an award. She hasn’t done a very good job standing up for either girls or women, and the notion that her goal is to create a more equitable world is a joke.

Here are the facts on Hillary Clinton:

Contrary to Clinton’s assertion that victims of rape and sexual harassment should be heard, she sought to silence and discredit the women who have charged her husband with those very transgressions. She worked hard to manage the allegations against her husband, and destroy the reputations of women like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broderick, and Kathleen Willey. Broderick, by the way, is now in her seventies and has had no justice for a crime that happened when she was in her thirties, largely because of Hillary Clinton. Yet, her story has remained consistent from day one.

As First Lady, Clinton stood behind her husband, President Bill Clinton, as he gutted welfare. In doing so, the Clintons targeted black and Latino women and children all for political expediency, portraying them as lazy people leeching off hard-working whites. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 ended assistance to the poorest and most desperate women and children in the nation, completely ignoring the realities of poverty.

It was at this point that Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund and on whose board Clinton once sat, broke with Clinton politically. Her husband, Peter Edelman, quit his high-level job in Bill Clinton’s Department of Health and Human Services in protest after the bill was signed.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton led the charge to pass her husband’s disastrous 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which, once again, targeted people of color. It exploded the prison population, with African Americans making up 80-90% of drug offenders sent to prison. The bill barely affected the crime rate, but it sure exploded the prison population, jailing men and women of color, breaking up families, and displacing children. Then we have her foreign policy decisions that did quite a bit to harm women and children.

Clinton-era sanctions on Iraq are reported to have resulted in the deaths of more than a half million Iraqi children under the age of five, greater than the number of children killed in Hiroshima. (A price that Madeline Albright said was “worth it.”)

Hillary Clinton’s disastrous invasion of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi has resulted in a “failed state” overrun by terrorists. A 2015 report states that 2.44 million people in Libya are in need of humanitarian aid, with 1.35 million (55%) being women and children.

The failed Libya policy soon became the failed Syria policy, with more than a thousand children fleeing their country every day for the past six years. It is estimated that at least 750,000 children are out of school. The UN estimates that half a million refugees and displaced women from Syria are pregnant.

In Honduras, Hillary Clinton helped deliver a right-wing coup government to power, a government that oppresses women and indigenous communities. Berta Cárceres, a well-known indigenous activist, was assassinated by gunmen associated with the Clinton-installed regime. Just prior to her death, Cáceres specifically called out Clinton for meddling in the politics of her country.

Let’s not forget what Clinton has wrought on the children of Haiti, many of whom live in squalor to this day in spite of “millions” supposedly raised after the earthquake. The goal was to tie the giving of the Clinton Global Initiative to actual “results.” to that end, the CGI set out to transform Haiti into the Taiwan of the Caribbean, according to Counterpunch. It would have an apparel industry, tourism and call centers, and Haiti would be the first WiFi-connected country in the world. All that remained was for the Haitians to be forced into this capitalist nightmare. It didn’t matter what worked for the Haitians or the island. Haiti’s leader was calmly deposed by Clinton, Michel Martelly was installed, and the effort moved forward to disastrous results.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative has taken millions of dollars from the most oppressive regimes in the world for women, including Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Brunei and Kuwait. We also know that Saudi Arabia and Qatar also funds ISIS.

Is this an exhaustive list? Hardly. However, it is long enough to understand that Hillary Clinton’s long history of destabilizing nations and creating wars that have displaced millions of women and children, intervening in the government of other nations and abject greed should make her ineligible for the Big Sister award. 

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