It’s Not “Practical” for Americans to Rise Up Against the Machine

yellow vests


You’ll never see photos like these here in America. Revolution is not practical here. We might get hurt if we get on the streets. We can’t strike because we’ll lose our jobs. According to some Americans I’ve spoken to, the French don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Well, maybe because the French don’t take the shit from their government that we do. That could be one reason. The other explanation is that they do have to worry about their jobs, but they are far more worried about their future under Macron. They understand the gravity of their situation. And hell, we certainly cannot indulge in consumer boycotts because we need our stuff. We can’t shut down Amazon. We can’t resign cable even though there are other avenues to the same programming. Here in America? The vast majority of Americans simply do not “get” where we are in our history. If they did, rising up would be totally practical.

Worst of all, still many do not want to know the gravity of the situation. They’re busy trying to weigh who will be the least horrible candidate in 2020. People ask me who I’m supporting, then, if I don’t think any of them are functional. My answer? Nobody. It’s time to #ObstructTheVote2020. You either want to make real change here in America that offers some kind of improved life for all of us, or you want to just make sure we shine up the old veneer of democracy and pretend everything’s okay. While many want to make me feel guilty because I’m not voting, I’d feel guilty if I were. We are dying from predatory capitalism. Anyone who thinks we can “fix” capitalism at the end stage is woefully uninformed. We prefer to believe in the myth of American Exceptionalism and have a very different idea about what a “revolution” looks like.

Our idea of “revolution” is to buy Bernie Sanders’ book and work within a system that is already beyond the saving point. It is systemically corrupt. Our elections are owned by corporations and billionaires. It is impossible to make a government that works for the people when the candidates meet with Wall Street to secure funding first.  It is impossible to get the legislation the people want and need when the legislation is written by corporations. The Affordable Care Act is one of the biggest scams in recent memory, and is a prime example of such legislation. And hey, for those of you who voted blue no matter who in 2018, and vowing to do so again in 2020, don’t worry your pretty little heads about real change. It ain’t happening no matter what blue you put on top of the shitpile. They just promised you plans and programs they will never deliver to get your vote. And you fell into the trap.

We’re comfortable with pink pussy hats, scripted “parades” sanctioned by the Democratic Party, paid for by their blood money donors, and offering free lunch tickets and evening cocktail parties. Even the “Women’s Movement” has been turned into a playground for the rich (mostly) white women. Remember the sign that has been present at every women’s march so far, “If Hillary were president, we’d be at brunch now.” That’s no joke. They really do think like that. Or we can watch the live stream of the Unrig Summit in Nashville, where such “revolutionaries” as Tulsi Gabbard, Zephyr Teachout, and Nina Turner will speak and tell you that all you have to do is put your trust in the Democratic Party and all will be okay. Don’t worry about the money. It’s okay as long as it’s Democratic Party money.

How can we distract thee. Let me count the ways.

In America, we’d rather be distracted by misinformation about transgendered people (gays can breathe a sigh of relief now that there’s a new demon to go after), including the ridiculous notion that they want access to the bathroom so they can assault women. Give me a break, please. Trust me. I’ve scoured the Internet for these assaults. Or we can now go after abortion again because, hey, let’s allow the government tell us how to handle our lives because they’ve done such a great job so far. Would I personally ever have an abortion? I cannot answer that. It would depend on many factors, not one of which would be your opinion. Do I think our government should legislate morality? Ridiculous concept. Hey, how did that go with Prohibition? Think abortion is going to go away? No. It won’t. It’ll move to a back room somewhere.

This is the kind of shit that happens to an empire in freefall. When an empire falls apart, it’s the right that is might. Get a clue. Abortion is not eugenics. It’s a health decision that should be discussed by a woman, her doctor and her significant other. Period. End of story. These people want to jump on the anti-abortion bandwagon, but worry little about what happens to these “babies” once they’re born. Do they even care about what we’re doing to babies and children around the globe? Americans have a unique ability to compartmentalize.

Where are these people on the subject of military recruiters enticing junior and senior high school students with their propaganda? Personally, my junior is not capable of making those decisions. He’s autistic, but that didn’t matter. They were happily going to turn over his information until I found out about it and signed the waiver. Frankly it wouldn’t matter to me if he were not autistic. I don’t believe anybody that age can make decisions like that. Do people even know that was part of No Child Left Behind? I doubt it. We rely on our legislators to keep us informed. Never a good idea, since they don’t read the fucking legislation either. Too much work.

Or we can spend days posting “Where is RBG” memes. Memes are the new communication method for the reactionary crowd. Unfortunately, many are not based in fact. You can have your own opinions. We all do. You can’t have your own set of facts. By the way, if RBG were actually dead, Donald Trump would never be able to keep his mouth shut. (Check behind your sofa; that’s where I found Jesus a few years ago.) Let’s get rid of RBG and get a new “conservative” judge in there because Brett Kavanaugh is such a man of honor. Fact of the matter is that he’s a piece of garbage with a long history no matter what you think of his accuser. I’ll bet that nobody crusading against RBG returning will do the same when Kavanaugh is a shriveled, sick old man in robes. Perish the thought.

In general, Americans are not ready for prime time. We are insulated, dumbed-down, ignorant, and pretty much uninterested in dealing in facts about the topics we so freely discuss. Our experts are presented to us by  people like Oprah Winfrey, who has launched the careers of so many charlatans followed by hapless America — Dr. Oz, John of God (who we now know is a pedophile), and Dr. Phil, to name a few. I almost forgot Deepak Chopra, who was an endocrinologist until he met Oprah and learned how to sell desperate Americans supplements to help them live longer. The latest scam now is testosterone booster using faces like Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas. As if men really need a testosterone boost. There are even scantily clad women in the ads telling the men that they’ll get something out of it too. (Squeal.) To say that we are generally unevolved is an understatement.

Americans are so adverse to putting themselves on the line, people are actually lining up behind yet another Oprah creation named Marianne Williamson. You’ve got to wonder how she’s going to bring us to a new spiritual awakening once she’s elected when we can’t even get off the fucking sofa.








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