LGBTQrstuv America is Suffering From a Case of Arrested Development


Phew. Gotta’ say, I feel better now that Elton John supports George Clooney’s brave push back against stoning gay people to death in Brunei. We’re going to boycott their hotels. You know, just in case you were going to Brunei soon, or anytime for that matter. Hell, that’ll show the Sultan of Brunei a thing or two. It’s almost as strong as Hillary Clinton telling Wall Street to “cut it out.” Honestly, there are so many annoying groups out there today, quite frankly. Yet, I don’t think any annoy me more than my own brethren in the LGBTQ community and their high-profile, fag-hag supporters who come out of the woodwork when they’re looking for some political action.

Forgive the sarcasm in the title. I wanted to be sure I got everyone in here because all the flavors are involved in one way or another. It is, regrettably, mostly my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters I am speaking to in this article. In the event that this may have been lost on many of you, I wanted to remind you that we wanted to be treated fairly and equally, but we did not want to be assimilated entirely into the mainstream culture so that we barely remember the struggle or those who have helped make it successful. Unfortunately, that is where many of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters live today.


My heroes are not Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul, Barack Obama or Elton John. Name one thing they’ve done that’s “heroic.” Building financial empires isn’t “heroic.” My heroes fought for their rights at Stonewall. I may have only been fifteen when that event took place, but I knew who and what I was at the age of fifteen, and I know that those who stood up in the streets were the first to make a real statement that they’d taken all the abuse they were going to take from the NYC cops. They were not bothering anybody by hanging around at the Stonewall Inn.

After Stonewall, a guy named Harvey Milk left New York for the more accepting climate of San Francisco’s Castro District. Milk believed that gay people would only be treated as equals if they were elected to public office. After several unsuccessful tries, Milk was finally elected a San Francisco City Supervisor, and became the first openly gay candidate ever elected to public office in the state of California. But Harvey Milk’s life was cut tragically short, leaving a community lost in the process, I believe and unable to navigate the establishment road without losing themselves in the process. Who knows what would have happened had he lived. Would he have simply become an establishment Democrat? Would he have chosen to walk away from this system and work outside it for the common good? We will never know. We know, however, that much of the  LGBTQ community has fully embraced the mainstream establishment life.

From “Pride” to “Profit”

Stonewall also led to the “pride” movement. The first Gay Pride parade was held on June 28, 1970 in New York City, and was about activism. It remained so for several years, but then it became apparent to the politicians that there was a source of political support here, and it became even more apparent to corporate America that there was money to be made off the gay community. All both of them had to do was show the LGBTQ community a breath of legitimacy to win them over. That’s exactly what happened.

First Pride Parade

Today’s pride parades are not even worth attending anymore. The last time I attended Boston Pride was in 2015, and I have no intention of returning to the scene again. The Pride events (they are no longer merely parades) are less about community and organizing than they are marketing events. Rights? Apparently the gay community thinks we’re in the clear because we won the right to marry. Now we can be as miserable as our heterosexual counterparts, and all is right with the world. Of course, nobody mentions that we’ve not been able to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in spite of several Democratic administrations having the opportunity to do so. It is still legal in many states to fire someone based on their sexual orientation. There is absolutely no legal recourse in those states.

Do you see corporations stepping up to help pass that legislation? Of course not. They’re too busy marketing to the hapless gay community and raking in the bucks. Today’s pride parades have “pride partners,” which is doublespeak for corporate sponsors. They pour money into the event so that you will pour your gay money back into their coffers in even greater amounts. In fact, corporate sponsors are courted by the organizers of Pride events. They donate elaborate floats of all shapes and sizes. They sponsor social events. In return, they get to advertise to a captive audience. Take a trip through the NYC 2018 Pride Guide. In Boston, when the parade is over, you can even go on to Boston Common and begin your corporate spending there at the booths. Sign up for an Olivia Cruise. Sign up for a credit card from Home Depot (forget that the owner of HD gave Trump $8 million for his wall). Book yourself a flight on Virgin America airlines. I hear Branson’s Necker Island is a popular destination. Be sure to dance in front of the scantily-clad bodies on the Google float. Forget the fact that they turn your personal data over to the government. Doesn’t matter. You have nothing to hide. Right? Turns out, you really don’t need to have something to  hide to become a victim of the corporate state.


LGBTQ America is in a state of arrested development

Somewhere along the line, the Democrats became the champions of gay Americans. There are even clueless LGBTQ people who think the Democrats gave us the right to marry. Let me give you a tip: They had fucking not one thing to do with that. Not one. The plaintiffs were the heroes behind your right to marry. Does half of LGBTQ America even know who they are? The only thing the Democrats have ever done is put up a fight against the Christian right as a vote-saving measure. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The Democrats have never advanced our rights one time. In reality, it was Bill Clinton who gave us the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, two of the most regressive policies in our history. It wasn’t some evil, vicious Republican administration. The Clinton administration used the excuse that it would have been worse if they hadn’t given the GOP those concessions. What a crock of shit. It was the Clinton administration that also sold people of color up the river with both the crime and welfare reform bills. Yet identity politics reigns supreme in America, and both people of color and LGBTQ Americans remain loyal to both the Democrats and the Clintons. I have heard my clueless gay brethren ascribe some amazing civil rights efforts to Hillary Clinton. She has never been a “tireless supporter” of our rights. She came around, miraculously, on gay marriage in 2015 after half the known universe did and just before she ran for president.

Do all of you forget the Logo Television Q & A session with the candidates back before the 2008 election? Only one of those candidates said that if you believed in the U.S. Constitution then you have to support gay marriage. That was Dennis Kucinich. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama supported gay marriage as candidates. Both of them cited religious reasons. The nation isn’t supposed to be administered according to a president’s religious beliefs last I heard. Yes, LGBTQ Americans have been fully indoctrinated in establishment politics and culturally assimilated.

We revere “star power” establishment tools like Ellen Degeneres. She won’t allow Donald Trump on her show, but she has no problem dancing around the studio with George W. Bush, a war criminal of the highest order, a man who lied in order to embroil us in a never ending war on terror where, I’m sure, gay soldiers are dying as well. We don’t talk about that, though. She’s a hero because every once in a while she gives away some money and prizes. She owns five fucking houses, folks, and she has a net worth of $450 million. She is such a part of the socio-political establishment that it’s laughable to consider Ellen any kind of hero. Funny that the LGBTQ “movement” is starting to look an awful lot like today’s fraudulent “feminist movement.”

I look at some of the people I’ve known over the past 40 years. There are some who have remained grounded, working for a living and leading their lives, modestly but happy. Given the state of our nation, I’ve even put myself back in touch with one who still lives in a commune and, while not interested in becoming a front-line warrior, will be happy to tell me how the peaceful commune lifestyle is done for afterwards. Still, far too many of my LGBTQ associates look like so  many of the people I disdain now.

They are clueless about the reality of where we are as they pursue their demanding corporate-slave jobs, the big money, the cars, more kids, private schools, and all the trappings that have been laid before them. The latest object of their affection is Pete Buttigieg, the openly-gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is now also our first openly-gay presidential candidate. Without having an inkling of what this guy is about, GoFundMe pages have popped up because he’s gay…and he’s so cute. Turns out, Pete is a veteran who has a problem with the fact that Obama granted clemency to Chelsea Manning. I’m sorry, folks, but that would take this assclown right off my list, given the abuse that Manning is again suffering at the hands of our government. I have no faith that Establishment Pete would help her. Displaying his depth of knowledge with the issues, he also says he likes Chick-Fil-A’s chicken and would like to broker a peace accord with the firm. He’s just another vapid, empty gay suit.

But we’re not done yet. The latest in a long line of arrested development evidence is the gay community’s defense of Joe Biden. He’s just being affectionate. Or he’s just ‘flirting’ is what I’m hearing. Amazing how we can find ways to compartmentalize what others do when we’re assimilated into the system and brainwashed. I don’t know what’s worse: When women defend Biden or when the LGBTQ community defends him. I guess my gay compatriots forget that the Obama Justice Department used the pedophilia argument to keep DOMA in place during his first term. Funny that we should embrace a candidate now who, at least from my perspective, has to be considered suspect with two people coming forward about Biden’s behavior. Still, more than one source alleges that Biden’s groping behavior has been an open secret in Washington for quite some time.

Perhaps my gay friends so ready to give blanket coverage to Joe Biden forget the story of Matthew Shepard, whose murderers used the “gay panic defense” after Shepard allegedly made a pass at one of them. I’ve even dumped some for making the statement that Matthew Shepard “should have known better” than to do something like that in Wyoming.

I don’t know what gay America is thinking, and I have no idea where they are going. I only know I’m not going with them on this particular journey.





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  1. Not a single word about how women feminists – the most reliable and loyal friends the LGBT community ever had – were completely thrown under the bus by trans biological men. Thanks for nothing.

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