The “Justice for Bernie” Crowd Screams for a Punch in the Throat

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It goes without saying that watching this election cycle has been painful. It’s painful because I realize just how programmed Americans are to respond to the establishment. All I hear is how the election is “rigged,” but I don’t see many citizens rejecting that system. They fail to realize that when they participate in a corrupt system, they are legitimizing it. Instead, they erroneously believe that if they keep trying, it will work itself out.

In reality, the issues of hacking, flipped votes, voter suppression are all meaningless when you are participating in a system where corporations and the most wealthy people in the country can buy and sell your ‘public servants’ (I use that term quite loosely), as well as determine your fate without so much as asking what you think. For the record, I may be a leftist, but I trust no “liberal funded” NGOs, philanthropies, or political action groups to act on my behalf. Nor do I give them any money. Start to dig deep. They are all on the take. The entire nation is a fucking ponzi scheme.

But I digress. The  notion that we have to achieve “justice” for a politician is disgusting, given all the injustices we have in this nation. First and foremost, even if this was legitimate, Sanders isn’t the victim. The people are. However, I will reiterate that I believe Sanders is part of the scheme. He is not a victim. He is a willing participant and a perpetrator. Read WikiLeaks. I did.

Speaking of which, how about justice for Julian Assange? Chelsea Manning? Edward Snowden? Maybe Aaron Schwartz and Karen Silkwood? No? Oh, right. Justice for Bernie Sanders comes first. How about the homeless on the streets who die of exposure every day? How about the victims of Gaza? How about the victims of the militarized and empowered police force created by this police state? Those are the people who are screaming out for justice. Yet, you choose to lead the charge for an entrenched, establishment politician.

By the way, when you all spout off about “term limits,” and you do, Sanders is on that list whether you like it or not. He is the oldest candidate for president in 2020, and has served 28 years in the House and Senate. Come 2024, he’ll be running for the Senate again at the age of 81 (paperwork already filed). That would add another 6 years to his resumé. This “job” was never intended to be a career. This was once thought of as a public service. It has turned into a career because it’s a gravy train. To the victors go the spoils. Ask Barack Obama, one of the most heinous presidents ever who manages to escape reality and bask in the glow of the persona that public relations has created for him.

So, please, pardon me if I don’t feel much of your pain when you’re all whining about poor Bernie on Facebook or Twitter. In light of all of the people in the collage above, it’s difficult to feel anything for your hero. In fact, after experiencing Senator Sanders first hand as a Berner myself back in 2016, all I can really muster is contempt for his empty suit promises. He is no neophyte in this world, and he is not conducting any kind of real revolution. Bernie Sanders knows this system in and out. He helped to build it. He knows none of his positons are anything but positions, and that legislation to advance any of his positions is already dead in the water. When you are knowingly misleading the public, you are not a victim. You are a politician.


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