Deb DP 3-LinkedinWelcome to Revolutionary Radar, a new and opinion blog for enlightened left-wing radicals with a healthy portion of sarcasm served on the side. I became interested in political blogging when I was asked to write for a multi-partisan site named You can guess what side of the political line I came down on there. My blog was called Turn Left. I thought the site was a damned fine idea, getting all of us together in one place to start a spirited dialogue. At the time George W. Bush was still president. (Thank sweet Jesus that’s over.) Unfortunately, it appears that Americans weren’t ready for that kind of site, because it folded after a couple of years. I then moved on to start my own blog, and here you have it.

From the beginning, I wanted Revolutionary Radar to be more than just a series of rants, although I can assure you there will be plenty of those. I want it to be an activist site. In addition to original articles, I will be posting third party articles of interest (under the creative commons license), and petitions from sites like The Petition Site and

I live with my partner, Susan, and four kids (ages 11-19; three boys and a girl); Tito the Wonder Schnauzer, and Stella, his sister (a Schnoodle); three cats, Mini-Me, Dusty and Diablo (too long a story to go into); and a rabbit named Appie. It’s like the Brady Bunch gone bad.

I tend to get comments on what I write on various social networks. That’s great. But it would be even better if I could get comments right here on Revolutionary Radar. There’s nothing like a little healthy dialogue. If anyone is interested in contributing to this blog, please contact me at


Deb Della Piana