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April 19, 2018  Action Item Entry submitted by Kathleen Bushman

 Friends Family and Countrymen – An Emergency Call to Boycott Google:
I know many of us are aware on some level that RussiaGate is too damned convenient for both political major parties at a time when both parties’ approval ratings are at an historic low.

As every Americans is aware – independent journalism is indispensable to a democracy, and many of us have come to distrust and reject the propaganda portraying any and all alternate media sites as a Russian plot.  We recognise the fact that the timing of RussiaGate is altogether too convenient when the approval ratings for both major political parties is at an historic low!!

Without the alternate media – politicians and government can skate on the rampant corruption, their many “mistakes” and lies – as well as the terrible consequences sometimes involved in a disastrous foreign policy blow-back. That’s why when I came across this news yesterday, my concern turned to alarm and my hair was set on fire.  I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised; I’m convinced that an incumbent politicians would literally hire a hit man to suppress any story that might unseat him – and so they have a very strong motive to “kill” alternate media sources:

‘“Google announced Wednesday that it is partnering with the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Financial Times and other major news outlets to reinforce their monopoly over news coverage by blocking independent news organisations.
The New York Times, whose stock price soared after the announcement, said Google’s initiative was aimed at combating “the epidemic of false and unreliable information on the Internet,” by “pledging to spend $300 million over the next three years to support authoritative journalism.”
In reality, Google’s action is the latest step in a protracted campaign on the part of the major technology companies, working with the Democratic Party and the US intelligence agencies, to censor the Internet. The campaign for Internet censorship has been spearheaded by the major media outlets, including the Times and the Post, who have seen their subscription base eroded by the growth of oppositional news outlets and “citizen journalism.” By working with the technology giants and intelligence agencies to censor smaller news outlets, the media giants hope to regain the monopoly over the distribution of news they held before the rise of the Internet.’
We citizens must fight this assault upon free press and free speech – because it is an assault upon democracy itself! Facebook recently reported a $60 Billion loss on NASDAQ following the Cambridge Analytica debacle. It is my hope that if we citizens organise a widespread boycott of Google and the corporate media sources colluding in this assault, we can force them to back off, at least for the time being, if their stock value begins to register losses.
(As for the Democratic Party, it is Hillary supporters who are spreading division among Americans by impugning the patriotism of anyone who refused to support her candidacy; they’ve referred to their political opponents as “Russian trolls”.  If that’s true I am a Russian troll and have been ever since Hillary’s 2007 vote in favour of child killer cluster bombs when she was in the Senate.)
The corporate media sites also have an obvious motive in joining in the effort to suppress dissent so of course they have a vested interest in colluding to restrict our access to other choices.  The corporate press has been losing readers and viewers because too many of us have become aware of their many lies and omissions: the WMDs, the Libya lies, or Assad’s supposed use of gas attacks on Syrian civilians.  More recently the MSM’s apparent determination to ignore the many holes in Britain’s Skripal murders causes many of us to conclude, “This is yellow journalism or propaganda.”  It’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle; I will never go back to trusting the corporate media any more than I will ever again vote for a duopoly candidate.
I confess that until yesterday, I relied upon Google as my primary search engine when I wanted news regarding a late breaking story – before any of my preferred alternate sites were yet covering it. I had become increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that Google provides only MSM sites which I no longer consider reliable news sources – knowing how often they fail to inform or misinform. Ironically, I’d begun to notice how often RT news is pretty on top of American news – because so many Americans write news and commentary for RT’s American customers. Chris Hedges and other honest journalists aren’t welcome on America’s commercial sites – and RT allows them a platform.  – Ironically enough, Google and the MSM have forced me to rely on RT more frequently when I was in search of more information.
I’ve learned that it is possible to live without Google – this site provides a list of alternates:
I admit that until recently,   There are other search engines – DuckDuckgo, because of its plans on maintaining user privacy, is the one I’m currently using but I’m considering Gibiru. This site provides an excellent selection of alternate search engines:
Chromium and Epic are alternate net browsers; I understand that Epic is one of the best because according to Wikipedia “Epic is a privacy-centric web browser. It was developed by Hidden Reflex from Chromium source code. Epic is always in “private browsing mode”. Exiting the browser causes all browsing data to be deleted. Even during browsing as little as possible is stored. Epic removed all Google tracking and blocks other companies from tracking.”  Pale Moon also comes highly recommended.
PLEASE stop using Google – not their search engine, not their e-mail, not any service that corporation provides, and for the interm, please STOP using going to any NYT, or WA PO or Financial Times links! Please use the DuckDuckGo search engine, switch e-mail accounts if you use g-mail, or any other Google device. I’ve been using Firefox and Chromium browsers for years now, but may soon switch to Epic or Pale Moon.
BTW – to opt out of Facebook API sharing – to maintain your privacy from the likes of Cambridge Analytica and/or Dem. & Rep. political operatives check out this site:





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