Swamp Dwellers, Influence Peddlers, and Shady Characters

This will, no doubt, be a fairly active section of the blog, with inhabitants from the political, entertainment and business worlds, the billionaire class, and those who seek to spread their influence throughout a “system” that is already corrupt beyond repair. It could be individuals, or it can be groups of individuals. 

Ron DeSantis, Governor, Flori-DUH

Ron DeSantis, Guvnah, Flori-DUH

This knuckledragger is often referred to as “Baby Trump,” and the name is frighteningly accurate as he totally embodies the white man’s image of superiority and Trump’s MAGA vision. Of course, we here in #BecomeUngovernable consider the MAGA vision right in line with Nazi Germany. ‘Make America Hate Again’ would be more accurate. Among his more charming undertakings is banning transgender females from participating in sports on the very first day of Pride Week 2021. He has also stripped all LGBTQ funding from the state budget, and has banned the teaching of critical race theory (or let’s call it what it really is, the reality of our slavery history). Funny how they want us to swallow that the Confederate flag and statues to white supremacist “heroes” is part of our history, but they refuse to acknowledge our historical national racism.

It gets even better, though. His name comes up as a potential presidential candidate for 2024. He’s also mentioned as Trump’s potential running mate for 2024. Either way, it’s enough to make me defect to anywhere but here. I say we should never have fought the Civil War. We should have let the south secede. I might have paid for that wall.

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