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There are a number of ways you can support #BecomeUngovernable. Here’s how:

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Sign on to sponsor us on Patreon, and get great payback at all levels! Visit our Patreon site and see for yourself!

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You can support us by visiting our GoFundMe site and making a one-time donation.

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Visit our Teespring storefront and check out our great revolutionary tee shirts in both men’s and women’s styles, and in a bunch of different colors!

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We know times are tough. We get the whole income inequality thing, believe me. So, if you just want to send us just a couple of dollars, you can support us through PayPal.

Outreach for the General Strikes 2018

We are trying to reach out to people who may not have Internet access. This is best achieved by running ads in local newspapers and running billboards in key cities. We also want to produce material for people to hand out in their neighborhoods.


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